Josta Keil

Josta Keil

Mönchengladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

About Josta Keil

"The main theme of my work is to show people as figures detached from conscious thinking and actions. The figure is situated in a moment of pure being, lost in thought, unaffected and completely within their feeling.
You probably know this: When you see someone lost in their thoughts and you become the observer of this intimate moment. You immerse yourself in this person's inner thoughts and are almost embarrassed to be part of it.
I primarily show my figures in exactly moments like this. I want to capture the intensity of a fleeting moment or expression.
This short moment, seemingly so unspectacular and often unnoticed, is so moving and intense, revealing for a brief moment the unfeigned, the inner, it provides a glimpse into the soul.

The focus of my work is to capture this moment and turn our gaze inward, to represent the inner state figuratively.
The stories around the figure are intended to support the expression. "


works as an independent artist/ painter in Mönchengladbach (Germany).

In 2012 she moved from Hannover to Mönchengladbach.

Josta Keil was born in 1967 in Göttingen, Germany.
She spent her childhood in Hannover, Hamburg and Hessen/ Wehretal in Germany and Zürich in Switzerland

After school, she continued studying at a picture frame manufacturer.
In 1990 she went to Hong Kong, where she had various jobs, including working as an agent for children's toys .

After her time in Asia Josta continued her artistic education at the Free Art Academy in Obernjesa, Germany. Simultaneously, she pursued a degree in economics at the GH/University in Kassel, Germany. During this time, she participated in various exhibitions and art projects and started developing art designs. Many trips and longer stays abroad influenced her work.
After graduating in 1996, she produced art on a freelance basis for the next eight years. She developed several projects, designs and product ideas, especially for the toy and leisure sector, which have been placed worldwide.

Since 2004 Josta Keil has concentrated exclusively on painting.


Studied at the Free Art Academy Obernjesa, Germany


Palm Art Award, 2014, Art Domain Group, Leipzig (Germany): Recognition Prize
Shakespeare Award, 2014, First Italian Biennale of Creativity, Verona (Italy)
Palm Art Award, 2014, Art Domain Group, Leipzig (Germany): Certificate of Excellence

In Collection:

In the public Collection of the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas (USA)


Last Exhibitions:
2019. Sammlung & Galerie Böhner, Gallery Böhner, Mannheim (Germany), group exhibition
2018, Tokyo International Art Fair (TIAF), GAA, Digital Art Exhibition, Bellesalle– Roppongi (Japan)
2017, 3D Digital Exhibition „Art meets Fashion“, Spectrum Miami Booth, Miami (USA) exhibted by ARTtour international (New York)
group exhibition
2015, „From Caravaggio to modern days“, Sale del Bramante, Rome`s Museum Complex, Piazza del Popolo, Rome (Italy), group exhibition
2015, Bienal de Arte Barcelona, MEAM (European Modern Art Museum), Barcelona (Spain)
2015, „Florence Art“, Guicciardini Bongianni Palace, Florence (Italy)
group exhibition
2015, 2nd International Biennale Art of Palermo, exhibited in the Museum Reale Albergo delle Povere, Art Expo, Palermo (Italy)
2014, Carrousel du Louvre, Salon Art Shopping, Contemporary Art Fair, Paris (France), exhibited by EA Editore, Palermo (Italy)
2014, 1st Biennale della Creatività, Verona (Italien)
2012, VIII International Contemporary Art Fair, Marbella (Spain) by Gallery Steiner, Vienna (Austria)
2012, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas (USA), group exhibition: "Contemporary Masters (ICM) Vol. V"
2012, Galerie Display, Cologne, group exhibition: "Crossart goes Display Vol.2"
2011, Sofa-Loft 48h -Ausstellung , Hannover, group exhibition: "Von der Kunst, die Arme auszubreiten
01.2010, Casa de Cultura, Centre Cultural, Alcoi (Spain), group exhibition: "New Art Only"
2010, Global Art Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), group exhibition: Humiliated Angels Exhibition and Sale
2010, Opera Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) Group exhibition: At the "Art, Fashion and Design"
2010/2011, Vontobel Europe S.A., Frankfurt (Germany), solo exhibition:
„Being“ und closed sequence "20th"
2009, Heimkehr Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG,
Hannover (Germany), solo exhibition: "Being" and closed sequence "20th"
2008/2009, Kuhlmann`s, Hannover (Germany), solo exhibition: "Scene und nude"
2008/2009, Orangerie Kassel , Kassel (Germany), solo exhibition: "Human beings, scenes & portraits"
2008, Orangerie Kassel, Kassel (Germany) group exhibition
2007, Kuhlmann`s, Hannover (Germany), solo exhibition: "Summer"
2007, Fössebad, massage Studio, Hannover (Germany), solo exhibition: "Time-out"