Moscow, Moscow, Russia

About Juliya ZHUKOVA

Juliya Zhukova was born in Moscow, Russia.
Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Full time artist, painter, plein air painter, impressionist, expressionist.
Member of Union of Arts of Russia (The Painters' Association) .
Member of international association of art - IAA AIAP UNESCO.
Member of Moscow Union of Artists (The Painters' Association).
Juliya Zhukova's paintings can be found in 7 state museums in Russia and public and private collections in USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Germany, South Korea, Portugal, Canada, France, UAE, Australia, UK, Brunei, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Egypt, Jordan, India, China, Belarus, Abkhazia.


2001 - Graduate of Moscow School of Decorative Handcraft (now the High School of National Art), Profession - Ornamental Art.
2006 - Graduate of Moscow State Open Pedagogical Sholokhov University, Art and Graphic Faculty, with a degree in Visual Arts.


Regularly taking part in different art projects, plein air, art colonies, symposiums and exhibitions.
Held more than 100 local and international solo and group exhibitions between 2003 and 2020.
Juliya has been participated in more than 30 local and international workshops and symposiums in Russia, China, Jordan, Egypt, India, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Abkhazia, Belarus.