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Kirk McGuire

TIBURON, CA, United States


Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture
(415) 497-7169


Artist Statement

“I have always been obsessed with nature in general, especially our oceans and the diversity of wildlife. It is my inspiration! One of the things that I find fascinating is th...


‘HALIBUT’ bronze sculpture limited edition of 20 thumb

Sculpture15 W x 13.7 H x 5 D in

‘HIDDEN WITHIN’ bronze seahorse end table thumb

Sculpture24 W x 24 H x 24 D in

‘TAKE WING’ bronze flying fish sculpture thumb

Sculpture26 W x 13 H x 15 D in

‘GUARDING ATLANTIS’ bronze Moray eel Limited Edition 20 thumb

Sculpture18 W x 30 H x 15 D in

‘MINOAN MOONLIGHT’ bronze amphora, coral and morays thumb

Sculpture36 W x 30 H x 36 D in

‘LEGEND’ bronze giant squid sculpture. thumb

Sculpture28 W x 34 H x 25 D in

‘LEAFY’ bronze seahorse leafy sea dragon sculpture. thumb

Sculpture7 W x 13 H x 10 D in

'CEPHALOPOD' Bronze octopus coffee table. thumb

Sculpture36 W x 17.5 H x 36 D in

View All 8 Artworks

inside the studio

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Wax original of ‘Sentient’ octopus before bronze.

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‘Leafy’ wax pieces before assembled & bronze cast.

Slide 2

Wax of sea turtle before bronze.

Slide 3

Welding ‘Cephalopod’ arms.

Slide 4

My detached home studio & wax-room in, TIBURON.