Klaudija Cermak

Klaudija Cermak

London, United Kingdom

About Klaudija Cermak

Klaudija Cermak (1961, Rijeka, Croatia) lives and works in London.
I started painting at the end of 2013 to escape, to archive and to rebel.

My work ranges from dreamy landscapes filled with nostalgia and melancholy to conceptual art that is concerned with human condition. They are either a refuge from or a battle against the post-modern life.
The raw, seemingly unfinished and often minimalist pieces of work using acrylic on canvas, created in the night, after work, reflect a sense of urgency to tell the story of the unseen and, increasingly, untold, while also being an escape from the immaculate, photorealistic and perfectly polished digital artworks of my day job.
In just over a year of painting an avalanche of both fictional and experiential universe has started to emerge bit by bit like jigsaw pieces that are slowly forming a confident body of work that rejects global cultural narratives.
I don’t create detailed layouts or make plans when painting.
I have themes in my head that are completely emotion driven and I never know which theme I will be painting until few moments before picking up the brush. When I feel rebellious conceptual work emerges, when I feel melancholic the landscapes emerge, when I am distressed the patterns emerge, when I am nostalgic the childhood images emerge.
Whatever the images, I hope them to be either emotion or thought provoking, preferably both.


2021- present
MA Fine Art

2008 – 2013
Birkbeck College, University of London
BA Media and Business Applications

1986 – present
Klaudija has been working as a Digital Visual Effects Artist on major feature films, documentaries and commercials including ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Never Let Me Go’ and ‘Troy’.
She has been a member of a number of award winning Visual Effects teams including Millfilm's Oscar winning team on Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator'.

She has also won numerous awards for her Moving Image Art Direction work, two of which are Promaxes.
She is the author of a Kindle bestseller ‘How to Get Into and Survive Film, Advertising and TV Post-production – The Alternative Guide’.