Alexandra Holownia

Alexandra Holownia

Berlin, Germany

About Alexandra Holownia

Alexandra Holownia was born in 1964 in Poland.In 1988 she was emigrated to West Germany.Since September 2000 Alexandra Holownia live and work in Berlin.Great inspiration for my work was polish artist and director Josef Szajna. Also I like Louise Bourgeois, Annette Messager, Yayoi Kusama.


She was graduated at the Academie of Fine Art in Poznan/Poland and at the Academie of Fine Art in Warsow/Poland . Also at the Universitat der Kuenste in Berlin. Past exhibition in 2009 Fluxmuseum,Fort Worth,Texas 7611,2008 Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou/China, Gallery OKK/Berlin, Foto Gallery/Berlin,


Future Shows:
2011 Project I Wish China...Art and Design Department in Deqiang College Harbin China, (with DY Zhao)
2012 Project Gesamt Kunsthalle Charlottenborg Kopenhagen/Danmarc
2014 Contemorary Art Center Torun/Poland - performance festival, Kolo Czasu)
2015 Regenbogen Fabric Berlin - solo presentation, art talk with Ewa Maria Salska
2016 Manifesta 11-Caberet Voltair Zurich, Venice Art Hause Venice -performance Alexandra Fly Dance, 2016 Spectrum Miami, Art Basel Miami in Miami


Future Shows: Februar 2010 Fluxmuseum, Fort Worth, Texas 7611
2013 Serendipity Gallery Berlin, Project I Wish China...(with DY Zhao)
2013 International Art Fair Berlin ( with Kunstverein Familie Montez/Frankfurt Main),
2013 Museum Lytke Leipzig (with Kunstverein Familie Montez/Frankfur Main)
2014 Szyperska Gallery Poznan/Poland- solo exhibition
2014 Papua Neu Guini Museum of Contemporary Art (with Alfred Banze)
2015 Projektraum Altefeurwache Berlin Project Papua Neu Guini (with Alfred Banze), 2016 Art endart Berlin 2016 Spectrum Miami, 2016 Fridge Art Fair Miami Beach, 2017 Fridge Art Fair New York and Miami Beach, 2017 Clio Art Fair New York