Masha Knyazeva-Trotzky

Masha Knyazeva-Trotzky

Brussels , 77, Belgium

About Masha Knyazeva-Trotzky

"I've never been interested in photography as in mere light reflection. I do almost never use photoshop. It's really interesting for me not only to expose the reality existing but to create, to construct my own version of it, to find protagonists. This process resembles theater, with costumes and scenery. Photography gives only a simplicity of exposure.

My works are mostly dedicated to globalization, up-to-date world processes, to conflicts aroused on the edge of historical traditions and new values of post industrial society. Shall we show the featureless office life or complicated perception of emigrants, we show always a person, a human being as a center: his portrait, his feelings, his sense of the world. As to the form, I work a lot with fast food, with modern colorful packings of products, cans of cola, French fries packs.. This is sure both a heritage of pop art that is close to me since my childhood, and 'brandmania' that is the tons of beautifully packed trash, due to the commercial demand, congesting our world. We are sinking in it. I guess this material is still topical, though I feel the need to deal with something more solid and everlasting."


Personal exhibitions:

• aDa Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, February 2014
• Fotoloft Gallery, Moscow, November 2013
• Florence Design Week, Lungarno Acciaiuoli, May 2012
• Artplay gallery, Moscow, November 2012
• Central House of Artists, Moscow, April 2012
• “DesignBoom” Gallery, Moscow, March 2012
• “La Pillola» Gallery, Bologna, Italy, December 2011
• “Naberegnaya Tower” Gallery, Moscow-City, Russia, July 2011

Main collective exhibitions:

- Bologna Art Fair, Italy, January 2014
- Divieto Affissione, Napoli, October 2013
- Arte Rugabella, villa Rusconi, Milano, September 2012, October 2013
- Bellezza Project, centro CianQi, Milano, November 2012
- Naxos Art Center, Greece, July 2012
- Vienna-TRAVELGALLERY , June 2011
- Perm Photo Biennale, September 2011
- “Young photographers of Russia”, Chelyabinsk, July 2011
- “Best Photographer of Russia-2010” Br.Lumier Gallery, Moscow, May 2011
- Artpreview projects, Moscow, Kino Gallery, Forbes Club, 2010
- Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art “Qui Vive?” Moscow, ArtPlay Gallery, 2010
- 3rd Annual Illustration Festival “Free Wi-Fi” Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2009
- “European Atelier” installations, Moscow, Central House of Artists, 2009
- Hype Project -2005 in Moscow and Hype Project-2006 in Berlin
- “Christmas Mood Mr. Christmas” exhibition at the Central House of Artists, Moscow, 2006


Main art contests:

- Art Premio Ora winner (Italy, 2013)
- Premio Arte Rugabella (Italy, Milan 2012)
- Winner of the Moscow Social Advertising Contest 2008
(I place in nomination Outdoor Advertising)
- Winner of the VII Young Creators competition “Fresh blood” Moscow, 2007
- Winner of the International Contest of Logos and Corporate Signs "TamGa-2006", Novosibirsk.
- Finalist of contest by PhotoDigital magazine "Digital Reality", Moscow, 2005