Luciana Mathioudakis

Luciana Mathioudakis

Brussels, Belgium

About Luciana Mathioudakis

Italian by birth, I lived in London, Athens and now in Brussels. Her project is to represent the human being in action. My subjects are street riots, stations at the rush hour, movement of crowds.

After many years spent using oil paint and pastels, she lately works with beeswax on panel. The technique goes back to ancient Greeks and Romans.

The human element is fundamental to her paintings, even more evident when it is absent. This absence can be found in a series of paintings of empty stations. The passengers have gone but one can still imagine their comings and goings, the noise. Recent works show people in crowded shopping malls or city centres.

She has an interest in studying the behavior of a crowd in different circumstances. The aim is to express in the pictures sentiments felt during an action, thoughts, dialogue while a situation is happening.
She finds it challenging to investigate how people move around in a given space. In the same way that birds and insects use their living space following the logic of the crowd, the logic of their intent. This gave origin to works on pigeons and ants, human crowds and riots, where movement is the underlying theme. Her aim is to express in her pictures sentiments felt during an action, thoughts, dialogue, and communication while a situation is happening.


degree in foreign languages and studies of history of art in Italy. Painting with known artists in Belgium.,


2007 Art Perspective International 2007 Salle Fabry, Woluwé Saint Pierre
2008 Art Perspective International 2008 Salle Fabry, Brussels
2010 API, Espace Victoire, Saint Gilles, Brussels
2010 October Art on the Waterfront, Artefacto, Ghent
2010 December "KUNST IN DE VOLKSTRAAT", Antwerpen
2011, February Anatomisch Theater, Kulturama, Leuven
2011 May, API, Sablon, Brussels
2013 API Jourdain, Kraainem
2015 Espace Periple Brussels,
2015 Venice, Words and works, by 6larte Italy
2018 API Jourdain, Kraainem,