Maria Corejova

Maria Corejova

Bratislava, Slovakia

About Maria Corejova

Maria Corejova is a graduate of prof. Daniel Fischer `s painting school at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Until now she has been known especially as a painter, a video artist and a diligent cultural organizer /burundi,
13m3/. As a painter we could name Maria Corejova a portraitist. Obviously not in a classic sense. She has for example portrayed a butter, cars parking in front of block of flats, ring-shaped cake, sofa, beddings, but also a thick sauce with a fried egg. Her artistic direction has been characteristic of aestheticization of the banal, exploration of the ordinary almost naturally commonplace. She has not pointed only to the aesthetic dimensions of depicted objects but searched for their deeper inner essence. As a cultural organizer Maria Corejova has not been indifferent to the cultural life in Bratislava and she has systematically strived to create the space for presentation and re*ection of contemporary art. Firstly, under the civic association burundi /a historical follower of famous Buryzone/ and at the moment it is the organization 13m3, a virtual civic association
organizing the activities taking place at still new venues. Drawings of Maria Corejova can in a certain sense be characterized as intimate. They testify about something we do not know exactly, what we do not understand but what refers to the personal world of Maria Corejova. The titles suggest their meanings but do not direct us. The clue to read the motifs from sport, aviation, architecture, religion is here but it is only the author who has the only correct one.
Perhaps it is the intention to state for the viewer the question whether the author himself is able to interpret all the meanings used in his/her work. Is a massive tube eating the cathedral or the Church? Or is the cathedral created by a tube? Is everywhere present liquid blood or a symbol of pain or is it a life-giving liquid? Do sportsmen represent a systematic self-destructive agonizing activity or are they good guardian angels? Do amputated armchairs, beds, pillows, books stand for a pain in relationships, human estrangement and long-term misunderstanding or is it something completely else? It is possible to analyse,
interpret, search for, wander through the drawings of Maria Corejova but never to understand them fully. You have to communicate with the drawings of Maria Corejova - personally and intimately - thus dynamising and shaping their own, still developing story.

Juraj Carny
, galerist and curator


2000-2004 Doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, SK
2002-2003 Art Institute of Boston, MA USA
1994-2000 Academy of fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, SK, Department of Painting and New Media
1998-1999 University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, TX USA
1997-1998 Slippery Rock University, PA USA


2010 Strabag Artaward International, Finalist

2010 Art Residency at Strabag Kunstforum, Vienna, AT
2010 Vissegrad Artists Residency Programme, CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Graduate of European Diploma in Cultural Project Management, Marcel Hicter Foundation, Brussels
2002 FULBRIGHT, Visiting Resercher at Art Institute of Boston, USA


SOLO EXHIBITIONS (past & upcoming)
2014 IDENTITIES / Lightness of Searching, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, curator: Diana Majdakova (with Alena Adamikova)
2013 – 2014 CONVERSATIONS LEADING ELSEWHERE, House of Culture / Kunsthalle, Bratislava, curators: 13 kubikov
2013 DRAWINGS…AND CONTENTS, Kubik Gallery, Porto, Portugal, curators: 13 kubikov, Joao Azinheiro
2013 CONVERSATIONS LEADING ELSEWHERE, Central Slovakian Gallery, Banska Bystrica, curators: 13 kubikov
2012 EO INSTANTO, Galery 19, Bratislava, curator: Marian Meško
2011 MIND GAMES, Kasárne-Kulturpark, Košice, curator: Juraj Čarný
2011 MIND GAMES, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, curator: Juraj Čarný
2011 MIND GAMES, Space gallery, Bratislava, curator: Juraj Čarný
2010 MIND GAMES, Strabag Kunstforum, Vienna, AT, curator: Juraj Čarný
2008 THE COMMON DAY, room 19_21, Central Slovakian Gallery, Banska Bystrica, curator: Zuzana Majlingová (with M. Nociarova)
2006 THE POINT OF VIEW, GJK, Synagoge – Centre for contemporary art, Trnava, curator: Ivana Moncoľová (with M. Nociarova)
2004 BETWEEN…, Cik-Cak Centre, Bratislava, curator: Mira Putišová (with M. Nociarova)
2001 THE COMMON LEVEL, Slovak Institute; Galery Medium, Bratislava, curator: Mária Rišková (with M. Nociarova)

2012 BLOOD, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, curator: Dusan Buran
2012 Contemporary Altars., Turiec Gallery, Martin, curator: Lucia Mikloskova
2012 WEISS&WHITE, contemporary art auction and exhibition
2012 Crazycurators Biennale V, Gallery SPACE, Bratislava, curator: Juraj Carny
2012 …to be continued, Designweekend Bratislava, curators: Viera Kleinová, Lubica Husta
2012 13th Biennale of Architecture, VENICE, IT, participation at national selection, curator: Jan Pernecky
2012 Ready, Set, Go!, Nitra Gallery, curator: Omar Mirza
2011 U102, SUMMER EXHIBITION 2011, Galéria Krokus, curator: Omar Mirza
2011 SOGA, auction of contemporary art, Bratislava
2010 Artaward International, exhibition of finalists, Strabag Artlounge, Viedeň, curator: Juraj Čarný, AT
2009 IN THE SPACE AND TIME, Municipal Gallery, curator: Ivan Jančár
2009 PLUS MINUS XXI, Dom umenia, Bratislava; Central Slovakian Gallery, Banska Bystrica, curator: Katarína Slaninová
2009 WOXART and weiss, auction of contemporary art, Bratislava
2009 THIRD CHAPTER OF CONTEMPORARY SLOVAK ART Critiques Gallery, Prague, curator:: Michaela Bosáková, CZ
2009 NEW ZLIN SALON, Zlín Galery, Zlin, kurátorka: Beáta Jablonská
2007 PUDINGOVÁ GENERÁCIA, Stanica-Záriečie, Žilina; Galéria13m3, Bratislava, curator:: Martin Šugár
2007 AUTOPOESIS, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, curator: Zora Rusinová
2005 VIDEOTHEKA, KForum, Vienna; Ursula Blickle Lounge, Kunsthalle, Viedeň; Officina Giovanni, Prato, IT, curator: Jessica Wishka, AT
2005 REMOTE CONTROL, Betonsalon, Museumsquartier, curator: Jessica Wishka, AT
2005 MULTIPLACE, New Media Culture Festival, Bratislava
2005 CHRONOZONE 1, VERSIONFEST, New Media Festival, Chicago, USA (with Kevin Hamilton)
2005 CHRONOZONE 2, PSY-GEO-CONFLUX, New York (s Kevinom Hamiltonom), USA
2005 STILL LIFE, A4, Zero Space, Bratislava
2003 DESIGNBLOCK DATATRANSFER, Festival of Digital Art, Praha, CZ
2003 INOUT, Festival of Digital Image, Praha, kuátor: Pavel Vančát, CZ
2003 MAM A KLAM, Open Gallery, Fondation Centre for Contemporary Art, Bratislava, curators: Petra Hanáková, Jana Oravcová, Martin Kaňuch
2003 THE COMMON LEVEL Beskids Library, Bielsko-Biała, PL

PROJECTS (artistic)
2010 The Common Level V, Videoproject for University of Lousville, KY, USA and University of Matej Bel, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
2004 – 2006 CHRONOZONE,

PROJECTS (curatorial)
2010 NA TELO A NA MIERU, curator of Villiam Slaminka & Csilla Pollakova solo show, Fru-Fru Gallery, Bratislava
2006 MOBILE STUDIOS, European public art project, curator of Slovak part of the international project,