Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky

Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

About Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky

Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky

After discovering the intimate pleasure and emotional outlet when 12 years old at school in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, in Lugano, Ticino,  I choose art to accompany  when at UCLA Los Angeles, California USA with accent on personal creativity that suits my intuitive alla prima  painting, letting inspiration surge from deep in me and seizing the spark of emotion at the origin of an artwork. While living 4 years in Rome, among other places in the world, I self-studied the Italian Renaissance masters and absorbed their mastery of colors and composition to transmit meaning to an  artwork with the proper gesture it implies to depict it’s essence surging from my inner self, catching it’s original spark. In addition, I also studied Giorgio Vasary's first methodology of art studies, a backbone still today in Art schools.  Techniques are the means arising while the work is in progress comprising pastels, watercolors, inks, oil and acrylic.These are the poles of my art, with poetry as weft, since I am also a many prized poet, that form my expressiveness and version of contemporary art. After tragedy hit my children, I resorted to painting and poetry to find the way back to life and opened up to world happenings again started painting the works I call « Testimonials of our time’s emotionally impacting events » besides Atmospheres, color vibrations through lines and nature’s phenomenas. Isn’t this what art has always done ?

Marlo is a recognized Avant-guard artist, her art qualified as Contemporary Expressionism with a 2020-garanteed quote of 6 by art market expert Angelo Crespi in his book ART LEADER –A Guide for Investment.
Main events to come and curators-art experts who have promoted her on the international level since 2016 :

PRIZE VITTORIO SGARBI 2021 exhibition in fall 2021 for the 300 chosen artists to benefit of his tutoring and advice. also to be represented in the 6 books to be edited prior to the exhibition. At stake Euros 27.000

« ACCROCHAGES » 2021-2022 Art Magazine, sis Montreux, promoter of talent and all art news in Switzerland and France through 10 monthly editions sent to 30 000 clients for the 18 chosen artists, their art and announcements.

With ARTNOW – EAEdittore IT: exhibitions at Europe’s major Art Biennials since 2016 as well as presence in their prestigious Art Books and Magazines often under the supervision of Vittorio Sgarbi, such as « Promoter of Creativity » « Great Masters of Today., MONDADORI Editors of Yearly « ANNUARY « ARTISTI 2019,’20, 21 of International Contemporary Art » with critical curator’s comment...25 prestigious ART PRIZES by EAEdittore as the Prizes Michelangelo, Raffello, Velazquez, Tiziano, Dante Alighieri …

With WOA (World Of Art) LONDON has conferred her the « AWARD for THE BEST IN ART AND CREATIVITY » 2018, 2020 and other awards since 2017. She figures in their exclusive Art magazines on the VENICE ART BIENNIAL, the MOMA, GUGGENHEIM Museums for the PRADO’s 200 year celebration.

WORLD WIDE ART BOOKS-ArTavita Gallery, Calif.U.S.A. have promoted her since 2016 each year in 1 or 2 of their art books, 7 Excellence Awards and finalist in 3 of their WORLD CONTESTS.

CIRCLE FOR THE ARTSFOUNDATION, PARIS show her works in their Art books and she has been finalist in 3 of their WORLD CONTESTS.

GALLERY EXHIBITIONS with PAKS Gallery at ART FAIR PARIS, Carousel du Louvre, in Vienna, Chelsea New York, Berlin, Rome, Zürich, Lisbon, with Artexpo Zürich in New York, Hong Kong, Basel and ON ARTSY online site….and of course in Geneva and nearby France since 1999.
Her works figure in private collections.


Having lived and done my schooling in various countries and languages, I have developed a curious eye and distance to help rapid adaptation and letting sink down in me what I have seen which is reproduced some day on canvas. Schooling was accomplished in the mountains of the french part of Switzerland, one year Montreal, English school, Lugano- Italian speaking part of Switzerland, Geneva then for two years
followed 2 years of High School instead of the three , so easy,,,followed by two years art studies at UCLA, University of California at Los Angeles, USA where I particularly appreciated the freedom for personal creativity which I need being an inborn creative. Rome, during 4 years where she absorbed the country's rich cultural heritage. Then came Tunis, Tunisia, another world for a year and thereupon Vienna, my father's home town, its charm and fun loving people although melancholic underneath, where part of my family still lives, I started teaching languages there at the Berlitz school of Languages according to this very innovative method. I would have stayed there forever but my fiancée fell from his horse and died.. My parents thought best that I go back to Geneva where my brother was studying and I did my best to overcome and found a job despite the little qualifications but thanks to the world experience, for the times, I had.
I ended up marrying a Greek and had two children and, as said said above, my daughter suffers of a psychological illness but has, since 5 years, achieved an emotionally satisfactory balance and is independent, Our son died suddenly three years after her illness broke out and that was the end of the world for me in 1997. Divorce followed, my husband preferring to go on on his own way. So I was left with my her daughter's recurrent health problems and teaching that I have always loved and art which is a constant joy, is an occasion to travel and see friends and beautiful palaces,revisit museums and in peace paint with joy as long as I can and will.
Favorite artists are the Renaissance masters,Turner the poet painter, Nicolas de Stael, Gerhard Richter, Kandinsky, Nicolas de Stael and the lovely impressionists, Klimt, Schiele like everybody and so many others...


ArtExpo Zûrich -World visual show on ARTSY online site

YOUTUBE presentation of my art by SANDRO SERRADIFALCO of ARTNOW and on Odeon TV Italy

ART BOOKS ON the MOMA, GUGENHEIM Museum, PRADO for the 200 years celebration selected with two works, 550 artists presented by Peter RUSSU, London,WOA World Of Art, 2020

ART UNIVERSAL The Encyclopedia of International Art, RUSSO, EAEdittore, Italy

WOA World Of Art - Art book on MOMA useun of Modern Art New York 2020, Peter RUSSU, London, selected with two works among, 600 artist presented, 15.000 books edited by MOT (Masters of Today) London

Selected for WOMEN'S ESSENCE - EXHIBITION under the patronage of UNESCO
-Bologna "WOMAN'S ART AWARD 2020" within the United Nations 2030 program for Gendre Equality

ARTLEADER 2020, Guide for Investment by Angelo CRESPI, ArtNOW, editor Rino Lucia

ARTISTI '20 Artists Contemporary Art Yearbook 2019 and 2020 Editor MONDADORI , MILANO ITALY also in the ART market section - Quotation

AVANTGUARD ARTIST 2020 under the supervision of Vittorio SGARBI , Editor Sandro Serradifalco, ArtNow

"50 ARTISTS TO INVEST IN" EAEditore 2020 Guide to invest in Art. Russo EAEdittore, Italy

PREMIO DELLA CRITICA 2020 ART NOW Profssa. Barbara Romeo Guide to invest in Art 2020, EAEdittore


Among the finalists of the Circle for the Arts Foundation, Paris yearly 2019 contest - 668 competing artists - Honorary Excellence Award

Among the 20 Finalist in the yearly 2019 worldwide contest - 550 artists competing) Of Artavita Gallery - WORLD WIDE ART -ARTAVITA GALLERY U,S,A. Excellence Certificate

WOA World Of Art book , Peter Russu London Biennale di Venezia ,included among 500 other artists

Prize Best Artist of the Year 2019 at Mantova , Italy, Teatro Sociale, Biennale of Art Mantova, Italy, 09-11.06.2019

-Prize Diego Velazquez at MEAMusuem Internatiobnal Contemporary Art exhibition, Barcelona 05-07.04.2019. Barcelona Biennale

-Quotation in the Yearly artbook 2019 by Mondadori editor Euros 6500.00 to 8.000.00, Milano 28-30.03.2019. Artisti- Contemporary International Artists, Milano

- Excellence Award by Artothèque Market Art -2018 ------Best Artist for creativity and Art WOA London

-Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, invited for the second time for 2019

-Prize Botticelli selected artist, 2019, Florence Palazzo Borghese

- Prize Giulio Cesafre 2018

-Prize Tiziano, Venice 2018

-Prize Carravaggio, Milano Teatro Litta, 2018,

-AWARD from WOA (World of Art), London "THE BEST OF ART" 2018

-CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE by World Wide Art (among the 20 finalists out of 500) and of Circle Foundation for the Art

The Art Book 33ART PROFESSIONALS, by MOT (MASTERS OF TODAY) London,presenting 10 of my woks in their prestigious yearly Art Book. In particular some of my POETIC IMAGES THEME. Also appearing in the 9th Female artist's Art Annual book, London.

World Wide Art Books "International Contemporary Masters XI, 2017

-Nevada Art Museum, Las Vegas, from April to August 2017.

-7 of my paintings, by World Wide Art Books,
in International Contemporary Masters XI, in December 2016.

- I am pleased to exhibit with Artavita Art Gallery Word Wide Artists at ArtExpoNew York , April 2017

- International Contemporary Master 12, December 2017, 3 pages by WWArt books- Artavita Gallery
- Important World Artists 2, July 2017, 1 page
"Important World Masters 11", December 2016

- Exhibit in the SMA galery in Carouge- Geneva 26 march to 24th april. 2015 I'm already excited.


PRIZE VITTORIO SGARBI, FALL 2021 , Exhibition and 6 BOOKS presenting the 300 chosen artists. Tutoring for the artists and 27.000 Euros at stake

"ACCROCHAGES" sole ART MAGAZINE for Switzerland sis Montreux and France promoting for 10 editions 2021 2022 18 artists with 1 work per month to it's 30 000,members, galleries and museums announcing their shows.

ARTUPCLOSE New York presentation in the Guide of American and International art 2019-2020

LEIF MUSEUM OF EUROPEAN ART DENMARKSelected for WOMEN'S ESSENCE - EXHIBITION under the patronage of UNESCO -Bologna WOMAN'S ART AWARD 2020 within the United Nations 2030 program for Gendre Equality. MUSA, Center, Unesco , Bologna postponed to Velli Palace, Rome 11-17 September 2020

LIEF MUSEUM OF EUROPEAN ART one representative painting for Switzerland IN PERMANENT EXHIBITION


PALME d'OR ART EXPÒ Gallery , Cannes postponed

MUSEO MIIT Turino, Italy 3 works selected for "Infinity in Art" 29.01 - 12.02.2020
2 sworks selected for EXHIBITION AT

MERLINO ART GALLERY . Art expertise Florence November 2020
Galleria Ecellence Marbella with Merlino Gallery Florence

BIENNALE OF ART FLORENCE October 2019 with 5 artworks

OSCAR OF CREATIVITY AND PROFESSIONALISM Gallery ArtExpò Montecarlo, 16 September 2019

SWSSARTEX.2019PO ZÜRICH 06.2019 exhibiting artist

Awarded the PRIZE DIEGO VELAZQUEZ at MEAM MUSEUM Barcelona, Biennale of Barcelona. 5-7 April 2019 ,

BEST ARTIST OF THE YEAR for THE BEST IN ART and CREATIVITY 2018 World Award 2018 by WOA World of Art London, Peter Russu

ART EXPO NEW YORK 5-7.03. with World Wide Art - Aratvita Gallery 2017- 18 2019m - ART FAIR SAN DIEGO 2019 - BASEL SPECTRUM MIAMI 2019

Exhibiting with M:A:D. , Milano ; CRTIC'S aWARD 18.01. 2019 - 08.02.2019.
Design week and Tribute to LEONARDO 9.04. 2019

ARTISTI Contemporary Art Yearbook 2019 by Mondadori , 500 artists and I am among the 40 artists exhibited 28.03.2019

with Sandra FALZONE at BERLIN IN ART 2018 and Rome 06.2019

WOA World Of Art London, Peter Russu art book 33 ARTISTS TO FOLLOW 2018