Oksana Reznik

Oksana Reznik

Lviv, Ukraine

About Oksana Reznik

In my artworks, I explore human presence in environment and a trail that remained, combining my own feelings, memories and imagination with a certain place or situation.


Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Art.


2020 - exhibition "What to wear", April 16th – June 9th.
Online Exclusive on Artsy, curator bG Gallery, Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave. Space A2. Santa Monica, CA 90404

2020 - publication in the Flora Fiction Literary Magazine Spring 2020 Volume 1 Issue

2018 - International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region - Silver Quadrangle 2108.

2017 - 2017 Saatchi ArtSpring Catalog https://www.saatchiart.com/catalog

2016 – Personal exhibition “Land”, 29.03 – 17.04, gallery “Iconart”, Lviv, Ukraine.

2014 - Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. "Credibility Theory".

2011 - "Intersections" exhibition, 18th to 28th of May 2011, Gallery of Lights, DUCTAC, Dubai Arts Center, UAE. Curator ARTISLA GALLERY (Berlin, Germany).

2010 - IV Ukrainian Triennale "Painting-2010", 20.08-05.09.2010 (Kyiv, Ukraine). Organizer Ukrainian National Union of Artists.

2010 - Christmas Ukrainian Exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine). Organizer Ukrainian National Union of Artists.

2010 - Auction of Charity folk-ball “Perelaz’” (Lviv, Ukraine). Organizer Ukrainian Catholic University.

2008 - Lviv Autumnal Salon "High Castle 2008". Opening day 9 november 2008, (Lviv, Ukraine). Organizer Lviv Art Palace.