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Petek Karabulut

Istanbul, Turkey



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Artist featured in a collection

If you want to see my works in progress videos and photos I am “petekkarabulutstudio” in instagram.
To read my interview in Turkish about my works and me

I'm an artist from Turkey/Istanbul.I was born in Antalya/Turkey in 1982.I graduat...


Striped eyes thumb

Sculpture10.2 W x 10.2 H x 7.5 D in

I am not a teapot thumb

Sculpture18.5 W x 11.8 H x 11 D in

Comfort Zone no:1 thumb

Sculpture8.6 W x 20.5 H x 8.6 D in

Robotic vs Organic thumb

Sculpture16 W x 18 H x 28 D in

Dream with the bubbles thumb

Sculpture14 W x 19.7 H x 22 D in

Dream with a fish thumb

Sculpture30 W x 7.8 H x 19 D in

Dream with Ocean thumb

Sculpture29.5 W x 22 H x 14 D in

Dream with Circles thumb

Sculpture17.7 W x 16.5 H x 7 D in

In dream thumb
In dream


Sculpture16.5 W x 20.8 H x 9.8 D in

Changing mood thumb

Sculpture15.7 W x 17.3 H x 15 D in

In hiding thumb
In hiding


Sculpture10.2 W x 14 H x 17.7 D in

In your eyes thumb

Sculpture16.5 W x 16.9 H x 12 D in

Mood thumb


Sculpture15.7 W x 20 H x 11.8 D in

Queen of hearts thumb

Sculpture20.4 W x 46 H x 19.6 D in

To Freedom thumb

Sculpture35.4 W x 20.8 H x 17.7 D in

i can see a rainbow thumb

Sculpture9.8 W x 19.7 H x 15 D in

3 Version thumb
3 Version


Sculpture19.6 W x 32.6 H x 16.1 D in

No Makeup thumb
No Makeup


Sculpture13.7 W x 15 H x 10.2 D in

turquois wave thumb

Sculpture11 W x 11.8 H x 22 D in

Joker's pose thumb

Sculpture15.7 W x 23.6 H x 25 D in

pose for the cameras thumb

Sculpture13.7 W x 21.6 H x 10.2 D in

Joker thumb


Sculpture15.7 W x 23.6 H x 15.7 D in

cubic up thumb
cubic up


Sculpture12.2 W x 17.7 H x 18.9 D in

fly (from the back side) thumb

Sculpture19.6 W x 29.9 H x 17.7 D in

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