Philippe Laferriere

Philippe Laferriere

Thessaloniki, Ano Toumba, Greece

About Philippe Laferriere

Philippe Laferriere is a Visual Artist and Art Teacher based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Born in 1974 in Toulouse, France. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts (1992-1995), has a degree in History of Art and a Master in Classical Archaeology at the University of Aix-En-Provence (1995-1999). He is also gratduated from the School of Visual and Applied Arts (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).
The development of a survey about the painting of Macedonian Tombs brought him to Greece in 2000, where for a decade he worked as a conservator of works of art.
Since 2010, he took part in many group exhibitions and regularly shows his work through solo exhibitions and performances (action painting) in Thessaloniki, Athens and across Europe.
His work was exhibited in November 2017 for the 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. He is also an Art Teacher in Preschool .


1992-1995 Fine Arts School, (Toulouse, France)
1995-2000 Master in History of Art and Classical Archaeology (Aix-en-Provence, France)
2014- 2019 School of Visual and Applied Arts, Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece)


2017 Ethnological Museum of Macedonia, Action Painting 17, (Thessaloniki, September)
2016 Tabyah art space, Action Painting 15, "Spinning Feelings in Space" (Thessaloniki, April)
2015 Action Painting 14, Festival de la Francophonie (Larissa, June)
2013 Pinacotheca Casa Bianca, Action Painting 12 (Thessaloniki, November)
2013 Seawave Festival, Action Painting 11 (Sarti, August)
2013 Art is Hard Festival, Action Painting 10 (Thessaloniki, April)
2011 Port Festival, Action Painting 5 (Thessaloniki, June)
2011 4D at French Institute of Thessaloniki, Action painting 4 (Thessaloniki, April)


2017 6th Biennale of Thessaloniki (French Institute of Thessaloniki) November 2017
2017 Group exhibition (French Institute of Thessaloniki) May 2017
2017 Group exhibition (Archeological Museum of Pella) April 2017
2016 Toss Gallery, solo exhibition "Inside" (Thessaloniki, June) - Action Painting 16
2014 Ro Gallery, solo exhibition "T.T.O.I.L." (Thessaloniki, March) - Action Painting 13
2013 Pinacotheca Casa Bianca, group exhibition "Apodomisi" (Thessaloniki, November)
2013 Armenistis, solo exhibition, "By the sea" (Sarti, August)
2013 En Florinoi, solo exhibition "Action Painting 11" (Florina, March)
2013 Bord de l'eau Gallery, group exhibition "Panjuria" (Thessaloniki, March)
2012 "34", solo exhibition, "Urban Biodiversity II" (Zante, December)
2012 Toss Gallery, solo exhibition "Urban Biodiversity I" (Thessaloniki, November)
2011 Bord de l'eau Gallery, sole exhibition "Here comes the Flood" (Thessaloniki, October)
2011 Myro Gallery, group exhibition (Thessaloniki, September)
2011 French Institute of Larissa, solo exhibition (Larissa, March)
2011 Myro Gallery, group exhibition (Thessaloniki, February)
2010 Kourd Gallery, group exhibition (Athens, December)
2010 Spitimou Gallery, solo exhibition (Thessaloniki, December)
2010 French Institute of Thessaloniki, solo exhibition (Thessaloniki, November)
2010 Blender Gallery, solo exhibition (Thessaloniki, October)