Pien van der Beek

Pien van der Beek

Rotterdam, Netherlands

About Pien van der Beek

I try to paint in the here and now, but nature in its abstraction and patterns are a great source of inspiration.
The flat Dutch landscape with its receding horizon is fascinating and a challenge to interpret.
This interpretation is hardly ever figurative.
The process of painting starts with a picture or shape in my mind's eye, to which a perpetual flow of forms, patterns and rhythms could be added.
These are to be destroyed, refined and rebuilt.
Till the moment the painting slips away from me and become autonomous.
I can't control the painting process anymore and the painting sets it own course.
I need this surprise.
The interaction between the painting and myself as a spectator, not a maker.
Challenging possibilities announcing themselves on their way towards the receding horizon.


Graduated (1984) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam


Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Studio Pulchri The Hague, Schiphol Airport,
RAM Gallery, Rotterdam Art Space.
2012: World Trade Center Gallery - Rotterdam
2013: Marzia Frozen Gallery - Berlin Germany
2014: World Trade Center Gallery - Rotterdam
2014: Palazzo Sangallo - Tolentino Italy
2014: Castello della Rancia Italy
2014 Galleria Vista Rome Italy solo exhibition
2014 Jeffrey Meier Gallery Lambertville USA
2015 Weart Gallery Uboldo Italy
2015 Palazzo Sangallo - Tolentino Italy
2016 World Trade Center Gallery . Rotterdam
2016 Museum for Modern Art, Pescara - Italy
2017 Caelum Gallery, New York USA
2017 La mia Citta, Media Museum, Pescara . - Italy
2017 Il Mare, Aurum, Pescara _ Italy
2018 Aurum "Magister", 7 maestri, Pescara . -Italy
2018 Momenti d'Arte, Citta San Angelo - Italy
2018 Il Paessagio, Aurum, Pescara - Italy
2018 Osten Biennial of Drawing, Skopje -Macedonia
2019 Momenti d'Arte 2 San Angelo, Italy
2019 Segni e Sogni d'Amore, Aurum Pescara Italy
2019/2020 World Trade Center Gallery, Rotterdam (December/January)
2020. Group show for International Woman's Day
Commisioned work for:

Dutch Embassy in London
Province House in The Hague.
White Theater in IJmuiden.
Sculptures and paintings in private collections in The Netherlands and abroad, Artotheek in Rotterdam