Ramona Romanu

Ramona Romanu

Munich, Bavaria , Germany

About Ramona Romanu

Ramona Romanu was born 1970. She studied art at the Art School in Arad and with Prof. Earn Collar in Munich. She also took a degree in computer sciences and medicine, specialized in Neuronal Networks and Artificial Intelligence. She lives and works as an artist since 2004 in Munich, Germany.

In the figurative painting she focussed on underwater worlds, ladies underwater, fishes, Japanese koi painting and geishas.
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The contemporary abstract artwork of Ramona Romanu emerges art with quantum physics, the intuition with the rational. Her work is inspired by Chaos Theory, recursive mathematical patterns and perception.
Since 2018 working with encaustic techniques:

Main technique is Oil on Canvas, Fluorescence Colors, Encaustics


School of Arts in Arad
Major in arts and mathematics High near Frankfurt a. M./Germany
Studies of Painting in Giessen
Degree in Computer Sciences and Medicine at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel
Studies of Painting with Prof. Earn Kollar in Munich
Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich - Drawing Class
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Art Fair Milan Italy 2018
San Sebastian Art Fair "Donostiartean" Spain 2016
German-Japanese-Society 2015 (koi and geisha painting)
La Fattoria Munich - Germany 2014
Deutsches Theater, Single Art Event Germany 2008
Genova Event in Munich - Germany 2005
MOC in Munich - Germany 2005
Cinema One Event - Olympia Stadion Munich Germany 2005

See more: http://ramoart.de/gallery-view/geisha/


Art Innsbruck Austria 2020
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre - Japan 2019
Art House Munich - Old Academy Germany 2018
Galeria Gaudi Madrid - Spain 2018
Japan Art Festival - Schloß Nymphenburg Germany 2018
Affordable Art Fair Milan - Italy 2018
Superfreak at Stray Kat Gallery New York USA 2017
E.ON Energy Munich Germany 2017
Artspace Gallery New York - USA 2016
San Sebastian Art Fair "Donostiartean" Spain 2016
Le Meridien Munich Germany 2015 Aquatic Perspectives
Le Meridien Vienna Austria 2015 Abstract Neuronal Networks
Camaver Kunsthaus Belano, Lago di Como, Italy 2014 group exhibition
Pilot Projekt Düsseldorf - Germany 2013 - Rorschach
Museum of Art in Arad - Romania 2009 single exhibition and installation
Artlounge in Munich Germany 2008 single exhibition
Olympia Stadion in Munich Germany 2005 group exhibition
see more: http://ramoart.de/about/