Riaan Van Zyl

Riaan Van Zyl

Cape Town

About Riaan Van Zyl

Riaan van Zyl is a capable visual artist.

capable /kàypeb'l/adj. 1 competent, able, gifted. 2 (foll. by of) a having the ability or
fitness or necessary quality for. b susceptible or admitting of (explanation or improvement
etc.). - capably adv. [Ff.LL capabilis f. L capere hold] 1 able, competent, efficient, proficient,
qualified, experienced, talented, gifted,
skilled, skilful, expert, masterly,
masterful, accomplished, apt, adept,
clever, effective, effectual.
2 a (capable of) disposed to, inclined
to, predisposed to; up to; (be capable of)
have the potential to, have it in one to,
colloq. have what it takes to...
(Oxford Complete Wordfinder 1993)

be an artist, do art and live art.


Studied Contemporary Fine Arts at UNISA and got my Bachelors degree in 2000. I have been working as an artist professionally since then. Worked and Curated many group exhibitions and exhibited at Galleries around the world. Just hosted my 22nd Solo exhibition. Working mostly on big projects and corporate commissions.


"Mechanical" - April 2014 - Grande Provence Fine Art Gallery (Franschhoek - South Africa)