Rory Isserow

Rory Isserow

London, United Kingdom

About Rory Isserow

Art and Mind©
Rory Isserow’s beautiful, haunting photographs of natural and man-made forms have the ability to speak to us on many levels. Working with large scale photography on fiber based paper, Acrylic, Glass and Aluminium, Rory emphasises the easily overlooked viewpoints in our world. He is acutely aware of how the interplay between atmospheric conditions, light, and water in its various stages affects the emotive quality of a scene. Often avoiding traditional portraiture and landscape, he selects and crops the most interesting features of a subject for maximum graphic impact. The resulting abstractions are associated with moods, animals, natural phenomena, and philosophy through witty or cryptic titles. Rory has an incredible sense for color, whether deep hues of sky blue or the blazing yellows and oranges of the morning sun splashed across a building facade, the palette remains crisp and sharply defined. Rory was born in South Africa and holds a Masters in Computer Science, with an extensive career in the IT industry and commercial photography. He lives and works in London.
The Art of Imagination©


I am a self taught photographic artist with 30 years experience. I have a diploma in large format photography from the Sinar large format camera company Switzerland. I have a Masters in computer science.


Semi-Finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Awards


Boulangerie Bon Matin Solo Exhibition Dec '17 - Feb '18
Chorak Exhibition of Abstract images (Aug 2017)
The Other Art Fair London
The Louvre Paris Group Exhibition
Tintico Finchley Gallery Exhibition
Agora Gallery Chelsea New York
Time Square projection Exhibition (X2) Gallery Long Island
Miami Basel Art Exhibition
Heampstead Art Summer open exhibition
Chorak Art exhibition East Finchley London
Four Corners Gallery in Bethnal Green Group Show