Rosemary Eagle

Rosemary Eagle

Ararat, Vistoria, Australia

About Rosemary Eagle

My art explores two themes, the sea and landscape, and my experience of living with a neuropathic disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which I developed in 2008.
I am aware of contrasting ideas between the two themes, one being a longing for a safe and peaceful place (i.e. no pain), the other being the search for a way to express what it is like living with pain 24 hours, 7 days a week which can vary from mild to severe in a flash and can derail you physically and emotionally.

Sometimes my sea and landscapes become metaphors for the lived pain experience, otherwise the theme of pain is expressed in purely abstract works.

Regular trips to hospital in Geelong for 7 day periods to help manage my pain have resulted in numerous observations and sketches of the surrounding landscape as seen from Level 5 at Epworth Geelong. I also make regular sketches of The Grampians Range from One Tree Hill, Ararat. These locations have become an endless sources of inspiration for my art; the variations of atmosphere, the sky, the extremes of weather, the play of light on the landscape are a key focus in my work.

I work in my home based studio in Ararat, the internet serves as a means of social interaction and feedback with other artists and is invaluable. The support and feedback I receive from my husband John Eagle, an artist/studio potter is also an important part of my creative development.


R.M.I.T (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology): Certificate of Art, Textile Design -1970
Ballarat University: Diploma of Fine Art Painting -1988


Art Gallery of Ballarat - Goldfields Printmakers Group Exhibition
Saturday, May 25th, 2013 - Sunday, July 7th, 2013
This exhibition will subsequently travel to IMPACT 8's Open Folio sessions 2013 in Dundee, Scotland and in 2014 to Mark Graver's Art at Wharepuke Gallery in New Zealand's North Island.