Stefania Puntaroli

Stefania Puntaroli

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

About Stefania Puntaroli

Stefania Puntaroli was born in Prato, Tuscany.
She studied at Pistoia Art Institute and she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, before continuing her studies at Florence’s internationally renowned printmaking school “Il Bisonte”.
Since 1995 she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, participating in Biennal and Triennal of graphic, International Symposia in painting and sculpture, devoting also to installation and performance. Her works are in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

“ The complex of the works by Stefania Puntaroli seems to advance a fundamental dialogue for the reality of the modern women artists, by weaving the historical lesson of Carla Accardi, beyond differences and variations of the Abstract Art.
This conversation spontaneously took place, moved by the natural flow of her vision which interprets the heritage of a cosmological vision, and moreover, magnetically continued through a clear concatenation of subjects where her works find shape and direction.In this framework, Stefania Puntaroli accompanies us through the maze of her imagination and kaleidoscopic vision, which all in all reflects a precise sequence and an exact order[...] Nature and Culture , which is the primary matrix that brings out the radical choices of the artistic act , which Stefania Puntaroli brilliantly declines through the codes of Engraving , Painting, Photography and Performance .
The essence of this work finds a fertile ground in the art of Engraving, a well-established and enduring passion that the artist has been cultivating since the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, in 1995, with a careful dedication, juxtaposed to the idea of sign. This is often accompanied by the research for a multicultural symbolism beyond geographical boundaries where to find common roots and new interpretations on the basis of common traits of an ancient civilizations – this is the case of studies for cave paintings (Val Camonic, Italy) in search of an artistic vernacular language.
From this premise, the style is recognizable in the texture of the image where the line, both abstract and representational, is identified for its depth, relief, stroke and direction of different materials including paper and fabric, expertly conducted by the hand of the artist. It looks like a figurative research into the deeper archetypes of the collective consciousness, which results of a series of animal figures that the artist has been able to interpret from either a younger audience - through the representation of imaginary animals – both to the modern viewer, as the emblematic example of Directions, 2013, where, according to an anatomical study, the work shows a great eye of horse, which shines with all its higher meanings.
The figurative research that has accompanied the early beginning, is reflected in the most recent black and white works, forming the complex of performance where she affirms her practice by the role of being a woman artist: this is the emblematic sample of Heritage, 2013 where Stefania manifests the presence of the sculptural body in accordance with rules which pose, gesture and act are useful to articulate the duration: it is a withdraw by raising, where from the skin, which is the limit of the representative surface, the artist experiments on her own physicality a series of signs that translate the desire for a return to origins, natural elements, lost nature, as well as an homage to Courbet, The Origin of the World, 1866 .
The artistic practice of Stefania Puntaroli is feverish, in a constant search for innovation and reflection of the expressive language, freely comparing her view with other artists.”

From an article on Juliet Art Magazine by Sara Buoso 'In conversation with Stefania Puntaroli’, November 2013


2008: Masters I Level, Photography, Graphic design and advertising, Telematics Forcom University, Rome.
2007: Diploma of Arts degree in visual and performing arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
2006: Masters I Level, Shape and History of Visual Arts, University Telematics G. Marconi, Rome.
1997: Postgraduate Diploma for engraving in black and white, at the International School of specialization for the Graphic Arts "The Bison" in Florence.
1995: Diploma in Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence.
1991: Degree of Master of Arts, Art Institute "P. Petrocchi "of Pistoia.


- Local History Museum of Aizpute, Latvia.
- Franco Bertini' s collection
- Carlo Palli collection, Prato, Italy
- Central National Library Florence, Italy.
- MOCA Montecatini Terme Contemporary art, Italy.
- Grafik für Stadt Museum of Brunico, Bolzano, Italy.
- Gallery of Contemporary Art Quaff, Urbino, Italy.
- Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genova, Italy.
- Becker Gallery, Jyvaskyla, Finland.
- Archives Section of the print "The Bisonte", Florence, Italy.
- Museum of Italian Grafica, Vigenza, Padova, Italy.

2015 -2016 Vitamine a project by Laura Monaldi and Carlo Palli: Museo ’900, Firenze/GAMC, Viareggio/Mart, Rovereto/Museo Pecci, Prato/Villa Caruso, Lastra a Signa/al Bosco dei Poeti, Dolcè, Verona/Spazio d’Arte Alberto Moretti Schema Polis, Carmignano, Prato.


Selected Collective exhibitions:

2019 Interdipendenti, solo exhibition,Die Mauer Contemporary Art,Prato
2018 Oh!...che gioconde, works from the collection Carlo Palli, Art hotel Milano, Prato, Italy.
B+P Architects, Prato, Italy
Open!Franchi+Associati, Pistoia, Italy
Sguardi di versi, MOCA, Montecatini Terme.
Inside out, Here East, Hackney Wicked group show, London, United Kingdom.
Performance 'Sposalizio alchemico' and exhibition Rielaborazioni, complesso delle murate, Florence, Italy.
Performance 'Geodi' and exhibition Factory Athena prize, Ippodromo del Visarno, Florence, Italy.
Performance Sindone frattale with Gabriella Furlani, Vitamine a project by Laura Monaldi and Carlo Palli, Mart, Rovereto, Italy.
Inseminazione artistica by Progeas Family, Florence, Italy.
Performance "Loyalty and Betrayal", Pensieri a tavola, MMAB Montelupo, Florence, Italy.
Performance "Microsinfonie vegetali", Cultivar by Roberto Agnoletti, Casa di Dante, Florence, Italy.
XI Giornata del Contemporaneo Il filo dell'Arte, Montelupo, Florence, Italy.
XI iNCoNTRo aRTiSTi CoNTeMPoRaNei / DoMaNi NoN MoRiRò… SoNo MoRTo ieRi!!! Pontedera, Pisa, Italy.
An Art exhibition about LOVE 14th February-20th March, 504 Space, Hoxton Street, London, United Kingdom.
Temporary relationships by Manuela Mancioppi, Saci Gallery, Florence, Italy.
The Others Fire, Turin, Italy.
Exhibition Artist Km0 2010-2014 - a project at the Pecci Museum, Prato, Italy.
High Lights, MOCA Montecatini Terme Contemporary art, Italy.
Group Exhibition at #Shinebrightstudio loading bay gallery old truman brewery unit 4 & 5 dray walk off brick lane, London, United Kingdom.
Performance Double skin#Minerals v2 during the Hackney Wicked Festival, London, United Kingdom.
Group exhibition Sguardi sonori 2014 Stars, Pietro Canonica Museum at Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy.
Scambi di memoria by M. Francesca Pepi, Parco di Montelisi, Crespina, Pisa, Italy.
Exhibit and Performance Alter Ego/Alter Mundi, by Filippo Bigagli and Alessio Zipoli, Ex-Church of Saint Giovanni Gerosolimitano, Prato, Italy.
1st International Artist Workshop Dedication to Aizpute and its People, Aizpute, Latvia.
L'Immaginario nell' Arte by Siliano Simoncini, Marino Marini Museum, Pistoia, Italy.
Liberbook Parma, by Laura Accordi, Babele, Firenze, Italy.
Bio-Logie//Bio-Grafie by M. Francesca Pepi, Crespina, Pisa, Italy.
Exarte anni 90, Liceo Artistico Petrocchi, Pistoia, Italy.
Sinthesis by Patrizia Landi /Galleria die Mauer/ Fattoria di Bacchereto, Prato, Italy.
La solitudine: il pieno e il vuoto by Siliano Simoncini & Maurizio Tuci, sale affrescate del Palazzo Comunale, Pistoia, Italy.
Biennal International de gravat Josep Ribera, Xàtiva, Valenzia, Spain.
Chiedimi il bianco by Franco Bertini & Alberto Gavazzeni, Opera 22/Prato, Italy.
International simposium in island of Šolta in place Nečujam, Croazia.
Performance Azioni d’Arte/Casini d’Ardenza/Livorno, Italy.
Incisioni al femminile, by Emilio Caputo, Napoli, Italy.
Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary, International Print competition and Exhibition,Tokyo, Japan.
"Art for Peace", by Luigi Russo Papotto, frescoed rooms of the Palazzo Comunale, Pistoia. Italy.
Germination by Matilde Puleo, Vincenzi Chianini Palace / Arezzo, Italy.
International biennale of sculptors and painters – Mediterai 2008, Split, Croatia.
3. Internationales Bildhauersymposium, Langenfeld, Germany.
“Primo premio grafica italiana 2007”, Vigenza, Padova, Italy.
Premio Celeste 2007, video section by Paola Nicita (duo SPAM2), Roma, Italy.
4th Artist’s Book Triennal Vilnius 2006, Lubiana.
Project Book-Art, Roma, Italy.
Arte e scienza, Fiesole/Ostuni, Italy.

Selected Solo Shows:
The first book by Paola Ballerini, Grafio / Prato, Italy.
Comet by Paola Ballerini, Lo Spazio di via dell’Ospizio, Pistoia, Italy
Capi d’Artista, Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea, Prato.
Lacrimae by Rino Cavasino, Cinema Teatro Moderno Agliana, Pistoia, Italy.
Archetype, Cinema Teatro Moderno Agliana, Pistoia, Italy.
Malocchiade, Antica Baccani, Firenze, Italy.