Suz Shippey Borski

Suz Shippey Borski

San Francisco, CA, United States

About Suz Shippey Borski

San Francisco Bay Area

Why Make Art? The truth is I believe making art choose me rather than the reverse. I'm crazy for uncovering pictures of the unseen--opening simplicity, freedom, still mind, harmony. Pure Water is my muse--surprise is dreamy. Art is everywhere and in everything, it's a great big ocean.

"Remember when you drank rainwater from the garden..."


Master of Fine Arts: Painting___ San Francisco, CA
Master of Arts: Psychology___San Francisco, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Painting___ San Jose, CA


Coastal Living Magazine, Painting in Feature Article
Juried Prize Winner: National Micheal Graves Design Contest
Juried Auction/Charity Events--San Francisco--Los Angeles
Represented at Performance Event: Music at the Center
Interior Designers/Decorators--commissions/sales
Contemporary Artworks___US and International Collections
Travel Art Studies___France, Italy, Spain, Japan, New Zealand
Nor Cal Summer Artworks___Juried Competition
Gallery Route One___Annual Box Show on the Bay
Numerous Commissions: Residential and Commercial Works