Tatiana Bezjak

Tatiana Bezjak

Zagreb, Europe, Croatia

About Tatiana Bezjak

I was born on the 3rd of August 1971. in Zagreb, Croatia.
In Zagreb I also finished School Of Applied Art and Design, and graduated sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts 1995th.
Now I live and work in Zagreb as an independent freelance artist what just to mean balancing between time to work unconditionally and time to work for honorariums. That honorariums work implied various kind of jobs, from photography, set design, restoration, working as a professor, an employee in the art gallery, to translations etc.. I'm aware that not attaching to any job enabled me the "constancy" in living in another parallel world where my spirit runs free.
Recently I decided to live from my art only. Will I succeed because I decided so? Let's see that adventure happen.

I am currently working on sculptures ~ spatial drawings for my solo exhibition "žParallel" in April of the 2012th Zagreb, Croatia, Gallery Matice hrvatske.

Cycle Parallel

is three-dimensional spatial drawing autobiography.
In recent years I'm discovering about the truth of Buddha's statement that man is his own light, but I'm also discovering about mutual interweaving of all and everything in the universe. My revelations are as much intimate as universal. As we breathe in and out always the same molecules of air for millennia, thus in endless recycling we share experiences of all those who were and of all those that will be.

From thick to thin as a thread, wire is braided and sewn.

'Two', 'Two Moons' and 'Parallel' are defined by number 2, number of pair and duality - the law of polarity is principle of the universe. What acts as opposite, actually are two extremes of the same thing.
Two in 'Two' ~ woman and her shadow are pair of opposites within the same being - she is walking by stepping on her own shadow ~ light and shadow are two poles of the same world.
Two Moons in 'Two Moons' can both be illusions, and reality lies in a third Moon.
Light of stars and depth of sky is a state of mind ~ freedom is a state of mind even when physical space is a prison without windows and doors like here, and when the moon is just a hole in the ceiling through which light enters, and perhaps someone's view. View / Moon is doubled in the reflection because prison floor hides a mirror turning a prison into a temple of of celestial infinity .
Parallel in 'Parallel' creates a sculpture she'll place in a space she has made for her, just as I created her and as 'my life' might, in a parallel reality from that point further, move in another direction, not more in parallel.
Exciting to me is the idea of that movement and a potential multitude of movements directions as much as exciting to me is idea that we recreate ourselves over and over again like sculpture creating and that the same creative power counts for life as well.
'Vortex'' is about creating by our own powerful Mind, because the mind is source of vital energy that drives reality from the idea to its materialization.
We are part of Universal Consciousness ~ Intelligence ~ We Create ~ Co ~ Create.
As is known from Quantum mechanics, our consciousness affects the movement of particles from a potential sea of possibilities.
'Vortex' is an overview of that invisible movement. Perhaps this is the universal principle of life itself - for example what precedes to animals evolutionary adaptation is also desire ~ need.
Wire outlines the boundaries of material cubic space and deletes them at the same time by vortex particles - motion through matter. Fullness and Void are just perceptual determinants.

Most of the forms have esoteric role, like Voodoo dolls have. Hair on some figures contains DNA.

Noise is all around us, by quieting - we hear somewhat of inner life ~ intuition, dreams, precognition, imagination.
'Sometimes I am Light' is an adventure of elevation and flight ~ weightless freedom, whether the soul has indeed separated from the body or it was just the current state of my brain, I couldn't know for sure, but the feeling was very vivid and strong. Such realities reinforce frequent experiences of synchronicities, and precognition through dreams from which I learn that on some other levels of reality, time is not linear and probably does not exist.
I gathered now already a fine collection of my own intimate 'evidences' - postcards out of space and time.

That 'Levels' of existence are numerous, I know because I scraped some of them by watching into myself ~ is that dream my true nature?


Graduated Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts - Zagreb, Croatia.



2012. Zagreb, Croatia Gallery Matice hrvatske,
Parallel / sculptures ~ spatial drawings
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making awards for The Very Best International Festival