Terri McGhee

Terri McGhee

Dallas, TX, United States

About Terri McGhee


Terri McGhee is a lifelong artist with a personal story as richly layered as her magnificent acrylic paintings. She graduated high school early to attend Bauder Fashion College in Miami. There, she earned a degree in fashion merchandising while also building a career as a model for legendary designer Christian Dior. Discovering she loved the limelight, Terri later enjoyed success as a performing artist singing solo concerts across the US.

Today, she celebrates her love of beautiful things through contemporary abstract paintings. Her goal as an artist is to inspire others to have an emotional response to her pieces. Art should speak to the viewer and perhaps trigger a memory of an occasion or spark inspiration in some way. Through her work as a contemporary abstract artist, Terri continues to bring people joy and express herself creatively.

Terri and her husband live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. They are proud parents to two successful sons and an adorable pup named Buffy.


Each piece is unique, as it is an extension of Terri's feelings, mood and inspiration during the period in which it was created. Paintings vary greatly in color, scale and style in addition to an uncommon range of materials and techniques used in the creation of each painting.

One common thread that connects all of her painted works is her unique layering process. These are not simple designs that cover the canvas with a thin layer of random strokes. Each painting is the result of Terri's focus on developing texture, depth and a complex visual story. It is through this layering process, Terri believes, that her emotions are conveyed to the viewer and the art itself truly comes to life.