Tom Warren

Tom Warren

Cardiff , Mid Glamorgan, United Kingdom

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Thomas Warren

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Born in Cardiff on November 19, 1991.

It is my fascination with figurative sculpture that drives my interest in Fine Arts. Inspired by the traditional form of the human body I am passionate about creating conceptual structures to convey the metaphysical figure of the human soul. My use of fabrications and malleable materials such as mild steel may appear industrial and harsh however, it is this challenge of finding equilibrium between the two concepts that I find thrilling and compelling. Simultaneously I am interested in the methodology of sourcing a material, giving it structure and stability and combining the unprecedented force of nature that will as a result oxidize, warp and re-form my creations. This involvement and the metaphor for life-giving techniques such as human-interaction, nature and craftsman tools ultimately allow my work to breathe for itself and stand on its own.


Pratt Institute MFA, New York, 2014 - 2016


BBC Set Design - 2013
Daniel Arsham Studio - Head Mold Maker


Espacio Gallery London - 2013
Bath Arts Fringe Festival - 2013
twelve34 Sequel show 'Second @Tapestri' - 2013
Swansea - The Cove - 2012
The elysium Gallery 2011
Howard Gardens - Excellence award - 2011
University of Glamorgan - 2011