Laura Pentzin

Laura Pentzin

Helsinki, Finland

About Laura Pentzin

I feel very connected to the entire universe when I am in the process of painting.The energetic feeling of thrill and flow when reaching the state where there is no border between me and the painting. The gateway between the inside and outside world is open.Everything I express is all part of this cosmic, eternal dimension, avoiding egoistic obstacles. My soul is the melting pot where the ingredients of life brew.I pour that essence on the canvas .
As a ballet dancer, I mainly use my body to express myself.These days I find my self being happiest if I paint, dance, write poetry, sing and make costumes etc. without limitations. I use acrylic paint on canvas, but just paint itself is never enough, so I mixed it with sand, seeds, cotton, denim and other fabrics, feathers, leaves, flowers, glitters, plastic etc.


2016-2017 Keuda collage, gardener
2011-2013 AAVA Vedic Art Academy,Helsinki,Finland

2011 Vocational Collage,Helsinki,Finland
(acrylic paninting)

2006-2011 BBA Degree,UNISA,SA
(Open & distance education)

1982-1997 Dance Studies,Lahti,Helsinki,Bulgaria,Germany
-Ballet & contemporary

1994-1997 Käpylä Highschool,Helsinki,Finland

1983-1994 Waldorf School,Lahti,Finland

And on top of all that I am self-taught


Art contests:

Feb 2014 "Chelsea International Fine Art Competition",USA
Jan 2013 "Anniversary II Art Contest",Artist Portfolio Magazine,USA
Feb 2013 "The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition" by Agora Gallery,Chelsea,USA


10-11/2018 “Augmenting Reality”, digital group exhibition, Art Society Soho, Culture Factory Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland
9/2018 “Shades of Life”, group exhibition, Art Society Soho Helsinki, Culture Factory Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland
4/2018 "Fusion IV", International art exhibition by The Culthouse, London, UK
1/2018 "Shapes of Abstract", group exhibition by Art Society Soho Helsinki, Culture Center Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland
9-12/2017 "Departure"- exhibition, Bar Musta Kissa,Helsinki
11/2016 "Limitless", Kuja Bar & Bistro, Helsinki, Finland
3/2014 "S-Gallery Art Contest, Exhibition of 15 Finalist,Helsinki,Finland
10/2013 " Jeans Forever",Kahvila Roi,Helsinki,Finland
3/2013 "Jeans & Feathers",Generator Post,Helsinki,Finland
2/2013 "Jeans & Feathers",Cafe Vanha,Helsinki Finland
8/2012 " Jeans & Feathers",City Dentist Lobby,Helsinki,Finland
1/2012 "Sights", Cafe Vanha,Helsinki,Finland