Alfredo Bertolini

Alfredo Bertolini

Montesilvano, abruzzo, Italy

About Alfredo Bertolini

I remember as a child I really loved to paint and color, a real passion, which I had inherited from my mother.
But growing up, I completely abandoned the design.
But painting was in my destiny, and after about thirty years it returned to knock on my door.
One day I decided to repaint an old cabinet I had at home and I immediately rushed to the deep well that gave me my brushes and paints.
After a few days I came home from work with a great desire to paint again; I took a shelf, a few cans of paint releases me: I attacked forks and cups on the wooden board and began to wash the color from a knife. Within minutes he was born my first work ... .the first of a long series.
In the days to follow this irresistible urge to color grew; shelves, furniture, forks, knives, spoons, wooden logs collected at the beach, everything was good to express what was inside and who strongly wanted to go out.
A few weeks later I had the house completely invaded by my first works; I continued to paint, also encouraged by the positive comments of friends and relatives.
I felt that this new passion was to become my life, the love grew, the desire grew more and more ardent; I spent hours and hours locked up at home to paint, create, test ... in me a tumult of emotions.
I had never heard that!
Day after day I saw more and more clearly on my way.
Four months after my first painting, May 6, 2013, a light bulb went off in my mind: in five minutes took the craziest and most impotant decision of my life: I left home, work, family and friends and decided to go to Palma de Mallorca to make the street artist.
I loaded in the machine paintings, paint and some luggage and drove towards the Spanish island.
Calle San Miguel was my place of work; I, who even as a child I had never made a stand, I was now in the street to sell my paintings alongside artists from all over the world.
At that time I was spotted by a gallery owner who made me expose mieri paintings in her gallery for a full three months: my first solo exhibition.
Palma left I made a brief return to Italy and then I left for New Zealand.
I rolled some of my paintings and took it with me on the other side of the planet, more and more convinced and determined to fight for the dream that had changed my life.
Here I created a partnership with Auckland tunnel and I returned to Europe.
Since then I have not stopped since; I continue to paint and to travel the world with my paintings, always looking for new ideas and emotions.
Alfredo Bertolini


2013/2014:personal exhibition in Palma De Mallorca (Spain) in 'Lidia for Africa Gallery'.
2014: personal exhibition in Auckland (New Zeland) in
'Frame By Frame Gallery.
2014: collective exhibition in Pescara (Italy) in 'Vittoria Colonna Museum'.
2016: collective exhibition in Pescara (Italy) in 'Aurum Museum'.
2016: Live painting in Milan (Italy) in 'DDD 2016 Digital Design Days'.