Giorgos Papasotiriou

Giorgos Papasotiriou

Tinos island, Greece

About Giorgos Papasotiriou

Born in Athens, Greece in 1981.

I have been practising for almost ten years on the medium of clay, plaster, wood, and marble. Besides sculpting, I also enjoy photography, video and performance art.

I have recently moved to Tinos island.


After taking pottery lessons during the period 2011-2013, I went on to learn casting and moulding techniques. I then tried sculpting with clay and plaster alone.

In 2018, while still in Athens, I took clay and marble carving sculpture lessons.

In 2019, I passed the exams for the Preparatory and Professional School of Fine Arts in Tinos island, where I now live. Since then, I have been studying sculpture (especially marble carving), drawing, painting, and design.


2012 group exhibition 'Bipolar disorder'.
2013 group exhibition 'Tripolar disorder'.
2014 solo exhibition 'Sexuality', and performance show.
2015-2016 performances in six dogs festival