Alma Solakovic

Alma Solakovic

Sarajevo, Kanton Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Alma Solakovic

I am Alma Solakovic (Alma Sol) by profession psychologist (MSc) and self-taught painter. I have painted since childhood, and now that I am considered a spiritually mature and self-actualized person, I managed to combine science and art, and to create magic for lovers of paintings, apparently abstract, expressionistic and impressionistic. I am very interested in the field of psychology of art that studies the mental processes of creativity, and it seems to me that inspiration in my paintings comes from it. The subjects I paint differ in color and theme, depending on my mood, feelings and current interest. In my work I use acrylic and oil paint, various techniques and combinations of it. I'm happy that people like the sensibility I own.
I live and work in Sarajevo. I sign my artworks with Almas and Alma Sol.


University of Sarajevo