Robert Chapman

Robert Chapman

San Miguel, California, United States Minor Outlying Islands

About Robert Chapman

I began painting with oil paints at age ten in 1960 and the course was set for a life long journey with making art. That journey has been focused predominately on painting and sculpture and on both coasts of the USA. My interests have always been drawn to the challenge and pursuit of the unknown, or uncharted territory, along with a quest for elevating the craft of making or creating art. And fifty eight years later it all still holds true.


Cypress College, California
Montgomery College, Maryland

Worked as a studio assistant for Willem de Kooning
1980 to1990, Long Island, New York


Numerous one man and group gallery exhibitions, beginning in the 1970's -

New York, N.Y.
Los Angeles, California
Baltimore, Maryland
Bellevue and Seattle, Washington


Carter Administration loan request 1970's
Corporate and private collections, USA and Europe
Museum exhibitions-
Heckscher Museum, New York
Guild Hall Museum, New York
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, California
Museum collections-
Guild Hall Museum, New York
The Heckscher Museum of Art, New York
The Erie Museum of Art, Erie, Pa.
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, California