Aleksandar Kolev

Aleksandar Kolev

Gratkorn, Steiermark, Austria

About Aleksandar Kolev

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. Aleksandar grew up in this cultural atmosphere where the love of art is inherited. But life has pushed him into the world of technology where he has worked all his life as a hi-fi engineer. As a result, the tin has become one of his usual materials and the soldering iron his instrument with which he has worked all the time. Today he still works with soldering iron and tin, but instead of hi-fi equipment, he designs his sculptures with it. What he has held back for a long time, he has now let go and released a printout of many years of impressions. His sculptures show a high sensitivity and an impressive profundity. In his works of art he balances between feelings and proportions with a high degree of precision, between motifs of structural composition and expressive expression. As a result, although his art is new to the art scene, it is highly interesting and engaging for the viewer. Enjoy the world of Aleksandar Kolev!


1. Sankt Poelten Austria
2. Krems an der Donau Austria