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Hossain Amjadi

Sonoma, CA, United States



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Artist featured in a collection

Artist and sculptor with 40 years of experience.


I-Beam Stable thumb

Sculpture91 W x 105 H x 90 D in

Fishdance thumb

Sculpture120 W x 192 H x 120 D in

Bond thumb

Sculpture54 W x 72 H x 48 D in

Birdie thumb

Sculpture98 W x 94 H x 37 D in

Circle through Square thumb

Sculpture97 W x 91 H x 72 D in

Up and Down thumb

Sculpture38 W x 75 H x 18 D in

Meridian thumb

Sculpture56 W x 96 H x 42 D in

Aerobic thumb

Sculpture63 W x 52 H x 24 D in

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