Natalia Tsvetkova

Natalia Tsvetkova

Sankt-Petersburg, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

About Natalia Tsvetkova

A new, fresh art direction, combined with the classical Sankt-Petersburg art school, is presented to connoisseurs of the beautiful artist from Russia - Natalia Tsvetkova.
A graduate of the Sankt-Petersburg (Leningrad) art school named after Valentin Serov in her work has always been distinguished by brightness and originality. Her paintings are always special, Sunny and recognizable.
The artist experimented a lot. She studied and worked in various techniques and styles.
Natalia taught drawing and batik at an art school.Her soul brought joy and light to the children.
Natalia painted old furniture, made frescoes on the walls, painted a lot of oil, was fond of painting on porcelain and tin miniature.
In her new collection of ceramics "Ocean of the Universe" the artist wants to give people everything that gives us all the energy of the cosmos and what makes you think about the mystery of the world's ocean.
Modern art forms, their soul and extraordinary poetry, persistently lead the artist to new modern materials. Basics – more plastic and durable, the paint is more resistant and bright. Sunny Italy gave us polymer clay. A hand-painted creates a fascinating magic of lines and shades, similar to nature itself.
Each product is a particle of energy of the universe that is not repeated and has no analogues in the world. Color, shape, size and content combine the boundless world of natural elements and the tenderness of the author's soul, and gives its owner wealth, peace, longevity and wisdom.
My soul shines from the fact that it is a part of each product and the sun, entering them, shines.
It does not forget anyone who appeared in it at least once believe and you in your dream and embody it in yourself...
I am grateful to everyone who was with me at work or at home. Who was the past, and someone present, and who only smiled on the fly and shone a ray of flying.
I wish you all the simplest - to Live as it feels the soul . Don't lie to yourself or anyone else And you will understand life is Good!
Thank you to all of you who surround me and who see the beauty around them in everything and in everyone!!!


Natalia Tsvetkova graduated from the Leningrad Serov Art School in 1989.

Born in 1970, Natalia became a member of the Union of artists of Russia in 1997.

Further research led her to work at the St. Petersburg Roerich School of Art in 2004.


2018-January. Gallery of Princess Yusupova's Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2018-April. Gallery Of The Trubetskoy-Naryshkin Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2018-December. Gallery Of The Palace Of The Chancellor Bezborodko, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2019-March. Gallery Of The Trubetskoy-Naryshkin Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2018-2019 My works are exhibited in the gallery Passage. 48 Nevsky Ave., Saint Petersburg, Russia

2019-December gallery of the Chancellor's Palace Bezborodko, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Annual exhibitions in the hall of the Union of Artists Saint Petersburg, Russia

My works are presented in private collections in England, France, Italy, Israel and Russia