Vasiliy Pimenov

Vasiliy Pimenov

Ulyanovsk, Russia

About Vasiliy Pimenov

I create art with a story for people
I like to paint!
I like when my work is interesting to people!
Art is a way for me to speak with people!
If you are interested in something, you can ask me!
I will be glad if you subscribe to me!
Good afternoon! My name is Vasily.
Since we are not familiar, I would like to tell you about myself so that you can have an idea of ​ ​ what kind of person I am and what role art plays in my life. I don't know if you'd be interested, but I'll make sure you don't get bored and you want to read it. I've been drawing since birth.
As long as I remember, I always had a craving for drawing. Drawing and machines. I love cars too. And your family. And especially his wife and daughter, but then about it. In kindergarten, my drawings always occupied the first places, my teachers always showed my drawings to my parents and were delighted.
When I painted, all the children sat around me and watched me draw. Then I did not attach any importance to this. You won't believe it, but I took it for granted. It always seemed to me that drawing is just like being able to walk or breathe. My parents said I had it from my grandfather. They say he had the perfect handwriting.
Although we must pay tribute, dad and brother taught me to draw a circle. By the way, my father was an engineer and often took me to work where there were a lot of cars. I guess I got a love of cars from there. At school, I had my favorite drawing and drawing lessons. Time went on and in high school they had already canceled drawing and drawing, considering them unnecessary, and increased the amount of mathematics and physics. Objects were complex and took a lot of time and effort.
And so I had less and less time to draw. I only painted sometimes in a notebook. But I paid less and less attention to drawing. I began to forget how great it is to draw. Mom decided that you can't study all the time and in the ninth grade she decided that art school would not interfere with me. Unfortunately, the teachers did not want to go to our meeting. It turns out that you had to go to art school from the first grade. When we were denied art school, parents decided that drawing is not so important, and since mathematics is taught most at our school, I am destined to be an economist. Then I did not fully understand what was important in life and what was not. Since parents said to be an economist... so it is necessary. The first two courses were relatively light and sitting in classes I painted for pleasure. I saw how people like my drawings and I was pleased that my friends were queuing for my work. I was pleased to give them. I was glad someone liked what I was doing. I do from the heart. But every year the subjects became more difficult and again the study occupied my whole life.
I understood that I needed to get a profession. Fortunately, I put a lot of effort into my studies, that at the end I was invited to work in one very solid organization. I was offered an internship and training as an evaluator. And in 2007, I started working, where I work to this day. Then I met my future wife, and the same work reminded me of the art world.
You must be wondering how it all relates to my paintings? Very simple. By some miracle, God gave me not only the ability to draw, but also the opportunity to see the signs that surround us. He gave me a strong inner voice. Many times the inner voice and signs helped me. For example, when I came to work on the first working day, I met a girl and I really liked her, and the inner voice said: - this is my future wife. That's what happened. My wife, seeing me come tired from work, reminded me that I could draw to relax.
Yeah, I'm drawing to relax. That's how I meditate. That's how I talk to the world. That's how I want to share with the world. I have a very nervous job. A lot of responsibility. A job you can't quit for many reasons. If only because if I leave, there will be no one to help people with their problems. When you come home and pick up a brush or a pencil, you forget about the problems of your own and strangers. There's onl


I don't have a special art education. THE way I draw is the way I see it. The hand does its own thing. The images are just drawn in my head. Sometimes I get the impression that I don't look at all that I draw. It's like I'm doing it with my eyes closed. Surprisingly.


They bought two paintings from me... I am so happy))))


Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in large exhibitions. They go somewhere very far, and it is very expensive to participate in them. I'm the only one who works and all the money goes to the family.