Alexander Shkarbanenko

Alexander Shkarbanenko

Ереван, Ереван, Armenia

About Alexander Shkarbanenko

Shkarbanenko Alexander Viktorovich. Born in 1958 on June 24 in the city of Yerevan. He began to engage in creativity from the age of five. Plasticine sculpture, drawing. Before entering the art school I tried myself in clay, mosaic, bone, wood


After graduating from college, he finally established himself in working with wood. Wood for me is a warm and noble material. All subsequent my creativity was connected with a tree and the perfection of various forms and images of sculpture.


Since 1980, he participated in exhibitions throughout Armenia and Leningrad (the former Soviet Union). Had personal exhibitions. My sculptures have many eminent people of the world community. Lipen is a former French minister, Bashmet, Spivakov, Sophia Loren, many members of the Russian government, as well as pop stars