Benoit Leroux

Benoit Leroux

Montreal, QC

About Benoit Leroux

Born in 1957 in Montreal, Canada.. He also lived in France and California.

Drawing and painting since he was a child, Leroux had other passions to discover and practice: music, clowning, programming and poetry.,

The artist is also versed in theoretical physic, commiting his own theory in 2005: The thickness of the present


Benoit at age 16 was first attracted by theater and studied it in Montreal. He then drop it for clowning and when to Paris at l'Ecole National du Cirque in 1976-80.

He got his engineering degree at Polytechnique school in Montreal in 1995.

Since then, he got back to visual art fearing to died without having dig the talent life provided him. He made five exibitions in Quebec and Montreal. He sold many of his work.


Future Shows: Not set yet.