Sylvia Schramm

Sylvia Schramm

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

About Sylvia Schramm

“A Person who sees only fashion in fashion is a fool.” (Honoré Balzac )
Sylvia Schramm, born in Hamburg/ Germany, started drawing and being interested in art at a young age. She studied fashion design at FHS Armgartstr., Hamburg, worked as a model and traveled all over the world as a designer and a buying agent for years. Even after the birth of her two children, she continued her creative work; founding her own children’s furniture company, exhibiting her painting and illustrations, and creating her own fashion collection.

But fashion decays – art stays, which finally made her decide to work exclusively as an artist in 2013. It was the intention to blur the borders between the two that led to this decision. Inspired by the culture of fashion, Sylvia Schramm now uses her large works of metal to turn something temporary into something persistent.

The artist also loves to „provoke“ the art scene with her innate sense of beauty, since she believes its braver these days to stand for an artwork that is allowed to be beautiful. Although her works transmit aesthetic and a strong sense for color and shape, they are critical of the fashion issue and its „excesses“ as well. Each artwork hides a thought provoking association or story within itself. With her depictions of women, she represents a multifaceted image of the female strength and personality in our society today, which is in tune with elegance or „girl power.“

Sylvia Schramms artistic technique is digital painting, which – due to her knowledge of painting – she developed into something unique. With a very elaborate and special procedure the image is printed onto a metal plate, what creates a coexistance between the metal panel and the color . The interplay between gloss and matt characterizes the recognition value of her work.
Sylvia Schramm has exhibited her works in Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Berlin and is represented on Mallorca.


Born in Hamburg, 1960
Fashion Design Diploma, FHS Armgartstraße, Hamburg, 1984
Designer and Buyer worldwide, until 1993
Painting artist and freelance designer for fashion and furniture, until 2013
Artist, Digital Painting on metal, until today.


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AAF Hamburg, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2015
Solo Exhibition "Fabrik der Künste" Hamburg, 2015
Galerie Arte Casa; Mallorca ES, since 2016
AAF Hamburg, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2016
ART 'N' LEGEND Exhibition, Showroom Legendary Motorcycles Hamburg, 2016
Art Fair, Berliner Liste, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2018
AAF Hamburg, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2017
AAF Amsterdam, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2017
Solo Exhibition "Fabrik der Künste" Hamburg, 2018
AAF Hamburg, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2018
Salon Sophienterrasse Hamburg, 2019
AAF Hamburg, Galerie Marion Stoeter, 2019
BEHIND THE COLORS Exhibition Azaro Gallery, Hamburg, 2020