mladen lazarevic

mladen lazarevic

trstenik, rasinski, Serbia

About mladen lazarevic

„We are traveling, without memories, without reminiscences, without remembrances. We are traveling, without ourselves“.
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Since he created his first pieces of art some fifteen years ago, up to the pictures painted recently, Mladen Lazarević has continued to ask questions related ti different phenomena of the modern society and everyday life. By using signs / words as messages, he creates pieces which engage in personal and collective experiences. He uses the procedure of deciphering of the surroundings to turn the text into a coded character, a message which is seemingly clear and familiar, while at the same time it discovers new layers of meaning. By creating notions on the relations between presence and absence, transferring inscriptions to canvas or objects, Mladen Lazarević puts many phenomena in the center of attention. Pictures with clear messages, of characteristic typography, origin of which is in typewriters, brought onto carefully painted and tonally modified canvas surface, also bring into focus the relation between personal and general through critical examination. What is it that gives the power to language as a written massage to awaken and inspire the observer, or to transform the messsage into a pictorial field which loses sense and content in the absurdity of everyday life?
Mladen Lazarević
(Trstenik, Serbia, 1978)

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zvečan (2005), Department of Graphic Art. Has been member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) since 2015 and ULUK since 2011. Co-founder of Art group Enciklo (2005). Founder and president of the Youth Cultural Center Reformars (2008). He gained his professional experience through solo and group exhibitions and projects in applied and multimedia arts. Lives and works in Trstenik, Serbia.
1978. serbia


2019. Soulsearching, Prodajna galerija Beograd
2018. Soulsearching, Galerija Reflektor, Užice
2016. Na kvadrat, ( M. Lazarević, Bojan Savić) , Moderna galerija Lazarevac
2016. Slike, Galerija Čigota, Zlatibor
2016. Kvadrat ukrug, Galerija ULUS, Beograd
2016. Circle of life, Umetnička galerija Kruševac
2016. Naša sećanja su bezbedna, Dom kulture Čačak
2014. Kulturtreger, Narodni muzej, Leskovac
2013. Sweet home Alabanda, Likovni salon, Trstenik (M.Lazarević, Danilo
2012. Slike , ( Izložba u okviru projekta” Koncentrični krugovi umetnosti”), Zavičajni
muzej-Zamak kulture, Kulturni centar Vrnjačke Banje
2012: Podsticaji, (slike), Gradska galerija Mostovi Balkana, Kragujevac
2011: Podsticaji,, ( slike), Galerija IZBA, Novi Sad
2010: Slike, Program predstavljanja mladih umetnika, Galerija Kulturnog centra Kruševac,
2009: Kako sam dni mešetaril za 365 ribici, ( Kako sam trampio godinu dana
za 365 ribica), Galerija Fast art kiosque, Slovenske konjice, Slovenija
2009: Gratis, (slike I kolaži), Galerija MAS, Odžaci, Studio za
Multimedijalnu umetnost
2007: Slike, ( M.Lazarević, Slobodan Stefanović), Gradska galerija Mostovi Balkana,
2005: Mape uma, Likovni salon Doma kulture, Trstenik;
2005: Slike, Galerija SKC, Kragujevac