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Born and lives in Thessaloniki, where he studied mathematics and design. He worked for 17 years in the Middle Public School as Professor of Mathematics-Environmental Education in Greece. From 2001 - 2013 has made seven solo exhibitions «TRASH-TRACEART» concept art with a three-science-ecology. He has participated in group art exhibitions and conferences of the Mathematical Society of the Greek Physics. From 2009 a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts.

2013- Thessaloniki NEW VOLUME WORK (Collective work. What does the viewer to say?)
DIMENSIONS: Υ 150cm-65cm- Μικτή τεχνική/Mixed Media
“One image 75 titles, 75 works of art
Or “What does the viewer want to say?” “A work of art of new volume” It is a collective work.
Anyone wishing to participate in this procedure gave a title to the image of the work(photo, the car belongs to the artist George Tzinoudi)and all created a collective work of art of new volume. The method used for the selection of viewers-potential artists who participate are based on the theory of stratified randomness.(Mathematics). Here are the titles and names of those who were present.

Exhibitions and Participations

1970: Group Thessaloniki, Association of painters and sculptors "Polygnotus-Paionios" is awarded commendation
1971-72: Group gallery "Arsa" Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki
1996: Participation in the A! Nationwide Exhibition Amateur Cartoonists also a special prize in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005
1999: Participation in the contest "One idea, one shape, one world"
2000: Participation in thematic caricature exhibition, EXPO 2000 (Monacho-Omosp. Germany)
2001: Atomic, "Image-ephemeral package ever"
Athitos Kassandra Festival
2001: Group 'first meeting Trash Art, Thessaloniki camp Kodra
2002: Group "touches on a green background" Yeni Mosque Municipality of Thessaloniki
2002: Group exhibition "Earth Festival" Vlasti
2003: Group "touches on a green background" Alatza Imaret, Municipality of Thessaloniki
2004: Atomic, Athitos Halkidiki TRASH_TRACE ART
2004: Atomic, Thessaloniki GOETHE
2005: Individual "Earth Festival" Vlasti
2006: Participation in the contest Micropolis net Odyssey Class animation
2007: Participation in 3o Athens Video Art Festival
2007: Individual "Fora" History Center ", Municipality of Thessaloniki
9.2007: Individual Athitos Halkidiki Bar "OENOCHOE"
1.2008: Team Athens Gazi, "Science and Art"
2nd International Conference on Natural NIB
2.2008: Group Kolonaki Athens Association of Greek-European Society of Scientists Artists-Writers
1.2009: Individual Porto Palace Hotel Thessaloniki
26th National Conference NIMS Mathematics
12.2009: Group, Gazi Athens, "The Human Form in Art" EETE Chamber of Fine Arts
2009: Participation in the Berlin Transmediale Festival-http :/ /Î¥
2009-10: SKETBE
- Team MAIL-ART «No to violence, yes to creation"-Thessaloniki-Serres Chalastra.
- Team miniature Thessaloniki-Ioannina-Veria
- Group Piraeus Bank Convention Centre Thessaloniki Naousa.
- Participation in the contest sculptural design for the new City Hall of the Municipality of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki in June 2010
- Group Home Manoledaki Chortiatis Thessaloniki
- Group "Demetria" 10-24/10 / 2010Pinakothiki Society for Macedonian Studies Center 14-24/10/2010 Vafopouleio
- Team Camp ACTIONS CO "Kodra" 4-19/11/2010.

- 2011: SKETBE
- Team Gallery EPSILON 4-26/3/2011 "With fifty visual look"
- Team Gallery VLASI Thessaloniki11/2-11/4/2011,
- Team Pahath "detections" 20/4-3/6/2011.
- Group 'Gallery of Colours "2012