Lampavbokue Severe

Lampavbokue Severe

London, London, United Kingdom

About Lampavbokue Severe

Lampavbokue is a London based visual artist who works primarily with printmaking and drawing. She is an alter ego of another visual artist Alexandra Suvorova.

Lampavbokue`s art practice draws from her interest in symbolic motifs, mythology, painting and manifesting a deep interest in the natural and animal world.
As long as Alexandra primarily works in painting, installation arts and theatre design, her alter ego artist works with different techniques as printmaking, monotype and photography.

Art is a necessary condition for both artists existence, on the one hand, protection from external conditions, on the other hand, it is the facility with which they explore life.


Lampavbokue graduated from the Surikov Institute of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia (diploma with honours) in 2005. The same year she continued with a postgraduate
education in the academy which she finished in 2012. In the same time, Lampavbokue
obtained her another degree in arts in the Institute Contemporary Art Problems (ICA) in