Per Corell

Per Corell

Copenhagen K, Christianshavn, Denmark

About Per Corell

I was born 1950 in the oldest part of Copenhagen. Remembered as the slums today if it were not torn down in 3 steps from the 1930's to late 1960's. Houses from the late 16's century would still have existed. Grand father had a barber shop and 3 barbers, dad were former of melted iron for the B&W shipyard. a family of patriots, still remember the two rifles the two strong air rifles and the Parabellon dad unarmed from a german officer 1945. though, you would look at architecture from the 16's century It is important you realise that I am a painter who rather invent new techniques than using the ones I know and learned. Also that I done Streetart for now more than 12 years and every time I make a piece in the public space, I do a painting on Canvas, -- these are mainly what I display here, but using Google with my name, you will find a lot of the Street art Pieces I made in Copenhagen. I do Airbrush, Murals and use Graffiti spray even I never painted any Graffiti. I display my pieces among the Graffiti at the fame sites. I use traditional brushes, Chinese Ink, Gold leaf -- It all depend what I want to tell or say. Sometimes I cut Stencil by hand sometimes I have them Laser cut.

Look up my name on Google or find my page on FaceBook.

"Per Corell"

I put the Street Art techniques into my works, and also a great deal of innovation-- in fact most my paintings are sketches for bigger StreetArt pieces. I don't make Graffiti never done. I do not print or copy and paste, my paintings are painted by hand and Airbrush or Spray can, but also by brush. I also use the web, but more important I invent new methods, put innovation into the painting. Offering a new experience when using Stencil to paint the image on your new white walls as those are also put on sale, the Stencils. Often Wall paintings are lost where they was made when painted on a wall, the problem painting a new are now solved in a way so wall paintings could offer a true and realistic alternative to the traditional canvas painting. You use Stencils to paint new and paint the old over if the wall ask a renewal -- is this "better" than the traditional oil painting ? It is very different, and as much detail is put into developing these advanced Stencils as any traditional painting, but this is new. It offer you another way to get paintings on your walls. The Stencils are sold, or you can use them in 20 years, they are well made and very detailed, easy to use for both you or a professional painter, --- this is very different. But if you want my images as traditional paintings just order that, only just think about it.This is new.

Please search the web with my name "Per Corell",
Put this together as "SilverScreen Per Corell"and use Google, this will unfold a lot about my works.


4 years at the arts acadamy four projects at the Nasional workshops for art in Copenhagen

Architecture, Boatsbuilder, Carpenter, CAD specialist - App. dev. -Designer, innovation.


I lived on my houseboat for 30 years before this became fame, just needed a place to live and do my crafts, became a wooden boat builder, made computer programs for building organic forms and boats, proved the software at the Architect academy and the workshops for arts, continued in Street art and developed new techniques some of my secrets that will surprise you. But I also share in a way that I suggest you think about: My Templates, Stencils, are today Laser cut. I made it so that they are easy to use and then a Mural are not the trouble it was, as when you got a Stencil, multilayer and prepared, you can take the Mural with you. You can use the Stencils in your new home, and if you want so, you can sell it or use it several places. You can make a Stencil collage, as even you bought the templates, it is one of Per Corell's genuine Stencils that way I invite you to use my tools for your image. --- Yes, I also paint canvas. When I am doing a Street art piece, there are a Canvas in small scale. with same motiv as the Street art piece.
Are my text difficult to read -- yes I know, so please Pardon, english is not my prime language, Every day the past 15 years, my most important exhibition have been the fence opposite my windows in the street "Prinsessegade" round the free state christiania in copenhagen. --- Use Google with my name, maybe add my street name "SilverScreen", and you will find many of my murals.