Milos Vujasinovic

Milos Vujasinovic

belgrade, Serbia

About Milos Vujasinovic

Author of Intuitive Art Manifesto [2008] and the Most Hated English speaking Apostle of artistic freedom in the Balkans.

everything i know i owe America. the USA is a perfect example of God destroying his own creation and that was ingenious on their part.

meanwhile, balkanwise, former car-washers, pimps, sluts, sportsmen, drunks, thieves and weekend junkies, all those who would turn out to become the art dealers, say: "his art looks like shit."

orate ne intretis in tentationem.

Im the new hope and countryless.

Serusier's Talisman and my work Amulet are two versions of the same vision connected by spirit and timeline as well. Talisman was painted in 1888, and Sunny Day [the Amulet] in 2008. Isn't that coincidence?

I am not Picasso, I am Gauguin. Not the misanthrope who stole sensation from Cezanne and lover from van Gogh, but Gauguin who rediscovered art. my best friend Whistler wrote "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies."

artem non odit nisi ignarus.

"there are 6 countries in the world wherein my works would have been appreciated. look, unfortunately, due to some unintelligent things done in the USA, my works are not available for appreciation there, neither in Canada nor Serbia."

ulsate et operietur vobis


"In the end we will preserve only what we love. We love only what we understand. We will understand only what we were taught."-- Baba Dioum



Exhibitions is my claim to stardom but on facebook i get three likes tops on a single painting - do not stop hating people, some of these likes knock me down when they strike