Angelo Chiado

Angelo Chiado

henderson , NV, United States

About Angelo Chiado

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada--

In some cultures it is a sin to speak the name of the dead. My current work deals with the persistence of dead images and old forms of communication in a time
out of time. It grapples with notions of celestial and ephemeral in the facsimile of the face.
I am putting things to rest.
your next.

Apprenticed with the great painter Oskar D'Amico.

My series of oil paintings, entitled Vessels and Vestiges, are contemplations on reproduction, existence, and transcendence. They are imagined works from the point of view of the Venus of Willendorf, and the concept that the votive is a religious icon of reproduction. Purported to be the oldest piece of figurative artwork, the Venus of Willendorf connotes a matriarchal religious history. My paintings are the imagined inception of transubstantiation, and how that might yield a religious iconography where woman is goddess. Informed recollections also comment on patriarchal and misogynistic images from religious art historical paintings. My influences include performance artists like Marina Abramovic and Carolee Schneemann. My painterly influences include DeKooning, Rubens, and Bacon, and from photography Witkin, who has a definite painterly quality to his work.