Seungeun Suh

Seungeun Suh

Daegu, Suseong-gu, South Korea

About Seungeun Suh

Welcome! My name is Seungeun Suh (aka HIBISCUS).

Since childhood, I have been stuck with art work that paints various materials on Korean paper.
Hanji, which is a Korean traditional paper, has numerous layers of layers like the universe, and watercolors and ink permeate it, and the shape of it spreads me always.
Not the exact figures, but the randomness created by numerous variables and the subtle colors that are increasingly mixed on paper are the best charms of Korean paintings.

I combine such a technique with a fantasy, dreamy theme, and draws out my philosophical and emotional objects so that the viewer can feel more and more emotions.

I have been drawing a girl from her first college graduation.
It is a girl who occupies a large proportion of the composition in the works, but the small size of the small objects, animals, insects, plants and abstract figures that are drawn together, as well as the paper, contain ideas and philosophies bigger than girls in the margins, It contains the theme of the work.

My thoughts about the heart that should not be taken lightly and the reason why I should thank them are also the basic philosophy of my life. The birth of a succulent plant girl also started from that basic philosophy.
I was touched by his toughness, watching the succulent plants that bloomed and kept green for a long time in the harsh environment of my workshop.
The plant produces a beautiful flower in an environment that does not seem to be in bloom.
Succulent plant is a very strong plant life.

So, I have infused patience, overcoming and new hope through succulent plants to the girls who showed internal injuries and depressions in my work.
It looks like a combination of two species of succulent plants and a girl (human).
Their bonding led to the robustness of the succulent plants in the girl's heart, and over time the succulent girl became increasingly mysterious and savage.
She may be a fairy tale in a fairy tale, or it may be ourselves in a reality where we live in the pureness of a child. It is expressed in the form of a very special existence filled with wisdom, spending hundreds of years.

All the succulent plants are filled with pure, intense hopes and aimed at reflection and healing of all the things that nature has destroyed. Everything that is drawn with such succulent plants has a visual meaning as a partner, guardian, leader or object of fruit and help.
It gives an impression with my own abstract pattern, and it gives an implicit symbol to some tools.

Korean paper and watercolors, ink, girls, various life forms and tools. The combination of all of them creates a dreamy atmosphere and I want to shake and wake up the pure emotion deep inside the hearts of viewers.
I believe that the enlightenment and change can make the world more pure and warm.

Maybe all of these stories will be able to communicate with each other just by looking at the clear eyes of the girl in my work.
I think that the emotion that comes from the girl's eyes is my emotions that I put in my works, and that you feel it with your eyes and your heart also have a warm hope like me.
I am showing through the succulent plant girl the wish that all these people gather together to make a good world.

And, even if the difficulty of humanity is given to us as a robust succulent plant that grows in vitality even in a harsh environment, I look forward to creating a brighter future and a mature society through positive evolution and achieving cultural prosperity.


Graduated from the Keimyung Universty of Fine Art and Korean Painting
Graduated from the Gyeonbuk Arts High School of Fine Art and Korean Painting


2015 An anarchist lover. by Kim Hae Young / Cover

2015 Kumhongfancy Collaboration


Solo Exhibitions___________________
2016 Hyundai Department.Gallery H/ Seoul,S.Korea
Hyundai Departmen Gallery H/ Il-san,S.Korea
"Wonderful Life". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
"Picnic". Hyundai Departmen Gallery H/ Bucheon,S.Korea
2015 "Recall". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2014 "Seongeun Suh special exhibition". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
Kidari Gallery Opening Exhibition. KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2013 Window Gallery. Daegu Department Store/ Daegu,S.Korea
2012 "The flutter of heart". The Kalmanson Gallery/ United States
2011 Rougettegallery/United States
2008 Mokyeon Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
"Hibiscs", SUSEONG ARTPIA/Daegu,S.Korea
2006 WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea

Art Fair_____________________________
2016 Affordabie Art Fair / Seoul,S.Korea
ARTBUSAN. Bexco/ Busan,S.Korea
2015 Daegu Art Fair. Exco/ Daegu,S.Korea
ARTBUSAN. Bexco/ Busan,S.Korea
2014 Daegu Art Fair. Exco/ Daegu,S.Korea
2013 Daegu Art Fair. Exco/ Daegu,S.Korea
"Gyeongnam International Art Fair"/ Ceco,S.Korea

Group Exhibitions_____________________
2016 Modern Korea-Korea&Korea&Korea. KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
"Cupid". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2015 "Kidari-Mini Open Collection". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
"The Messenger of Love Cupid". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2014 "Wind of Change". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
"Hidden card". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2013 "Sun Sunday paper". TOMA GALLERY/Daegu,S.Korea
"ART & LIVING"/Daegu,S.Korea
2012 "Salute",he Big Banana Gallery/Seoul
"Kyemyung Korean Painting Exhibition". SUSEONG ARTPIA/Daegu,S.Korea
2010 "Korea Art Festa". Danwon Art Gallery/Ansan
"Custom RB show by Artroid, Oldskool Lounge/Daegu,S.Korea
2009 "Would you like to stop off at my place?". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
"Ontological Re Semblance ". Goto Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
2008 "art in young". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
"Modern art paintings since then...". DaeguBank Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
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"song of photo". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
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"International Art Fair". Gungzhou/China
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2005 "Beauty of Field". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
"shadow". G-Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
2014 Silla Art competetion/ Special Award
Korea Culture and Arts competetion/ Specialties
Korea Calligraphy Art competetion/ Specialties