Caesar W Radetzky

Caesar W Radetzky

Selb, Germany

About Caesar W Radetzky

1939 born in Nuremberg, Germany


1939 Born in Nuremberg. Study of nude and portrait painting with Prof. Knig in the Munich academy and landscape with Prof. Ugo Capocchini, Academy of Fine Arts(Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence. Began career as a freelance painter.1963 Attendance of the summer academy School of Vision(Schule des Sehens) in Salzburg under the supervision of Oskar Kokoschka.1977 Summer academy attendance in Salzburg with Prof. Kortokraks, the former assistant of Kokoschka. Study visit in the Academy Grande Chaumire, Paris.1978 First individual exhibition in Centro Friulano, Udine and an exhibition in the Gallery of Canadian Pacific (Galerie des Canadian Pacific), Frankfurt/M. Radetzky receives the graphic price Villa Manin, Udine.1979 Exhibition in the Goethe Institute of Milan and in the Nuovo Saggitario Gallery, Milan, as well as in the former synagogue in Wittlich.1980 Individual exhibitions in the Rettori Gallery, Trieste, in the Loggia Rucellai, Florence, the La Cave Gallery, Treviso and group exhibitions in Centro Friulano, Udine.1983 Sponsorship award for painting of the city of Munich. Participation in exhibitions in the Artists Workshop in Lothringerstrasse, Munich and in the German Parliamentary Association in Bonn as well as the Artists Gallery (Galerie der Knstler) in Munich and anindividual exhibition in the University of Maryland, Munich. 1984 A large-sized painting is accepted in the nationwide advertisement for painting German Landscape Today (Deutsche Landschaft heute, and is shown in the exhibition stations New Berlin Art Club (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein) and the Art Club of Hannover. Individual exhibition in the Friedrich Gallery, Munich and Galleria Spazio U, Munich. Inspired through a photographic documentation, the series is Massai created.1985 The Bavarian broadcasting produces a 30-minute television portrait of Radetzky that is broadcasted several times in the third programmes in Germany. 1988 As the first living West German painter after 1945, Radetzky obtains an individual exhibition on invitation of the city of Prague / CSSR. It takes place in the Gallery Museion of the Strahov monastery, at the castle of Prague. 1992 First retrospect with work of the years 1970 1990, under the title Change of Ends (Seitenwechsel) in the Rssler Gallery.1993 The creation of the photographic series Homage to Paolo Conte, which is dedicated to the singers texts and songs. Paolo Conte writes a greeting for the exhibition catalogue. The series Afternoon of Love (pomeriggio damore) is created and is shown in the Mobilen Gallery of Cultural Affairs in Munich.1994 Sojourn in South West France.Creation of large-sized pictures with images of Aquitaine, bullfight motifs and woods. Individual exhibitions in the Rssler Gallery / Munich, Michael Schultz Gallery / Berlin, Epikur Gallery / Wuppertal follow. Presentation at the ART Frankfurt, theart multiple, Dsseldorf and also at the Herbstsalon, (Autumnal Salon) Nuremberg.1995 Trip to Tuscany. The series Black Tuscany (Schwarze Toskana) is created. Individual exhibitions in the Rakel Gallery / Krumbach, Gallery Baumgarte / Bielefeld, Gallery Signum/ Heidelberg, Gallery Curtins / St.Moritz, Gallery Michalski / Berlin, Gallery in focus / Cologne and in Bitburg / Eifel. Participation in the exhibition Figurative Positions II (Figurative Positionen II) in the Rssler Gallery / Munich. The Rovereto Commune / Italy, invites Radetzky to the Summer 95 (Estate 95), where seven international artists display yearly, in seven old Palazzi, their work. 1996 Individual exhibition in the Spiess Gallery / Zurich, Valt / Dresden, Siegert/ Basel, Rssler / Munich and Kitzbuhl. Presentation of his work at the ART Cologne. Development of a series of small, bronze sculptures.1997 Creation of the Big apple series; a series of large-sized paintings and aquarelles of New York. Trips to the Venice carnival and to Southern France become the groundwork for a series of aquarelles Carnival in Venice (Carneval a Venezia) and the Camargue series. Exhibitions in the Siegert Gallery / Basel, Rssler Gallery / Munich and a presentation at the ART Innsbruck. 1998 Sojourn in Italy and Sardinia in the Artists Pastoral Care of the archdiocese in Munich, where Radetzky receives an assignment for a Way of the Cross project. After a series of sketches within a nine month period, in February 1999 he delivered the Way of the Cross The Blue Crown (Die blaue Krone). 14 large-sized paintings of the Passion of Christ. The composer and Jazz violinist Hannes Beckmann was assigned to compose music for these Way of the Cross stations. Individual exhibitions in the Thomas Hettlage Gallery / Munich, Rssler / Munich and Ravensburg, Spiess / Zurich, Ahorn Grieneissen / Munich and Berlin. Presentation of his work at the ART Innsbruck and Art Zurich.2000 The Way of the