Michał Krawiec

Michał Krawiec

Opole, Opolskie, Poland

About Michał Krawiec

MICHAELHe was born in 83. A graduate of the Institute of Art at the University
of Opole, a member of the Association of Polish Visual Artists. Diploma
in graphics in the studio of Professor Moniki Kamińskiej and dr. Bartłomiej
Trzosa entitled „Eugenika”. Since 2011, he has been professionally
associated with the Institute of Art, and now the faculty of Art at the
University of Opole. In his work he speaks through graphic art, screen
printing, digital graphics and photography, often combines these media
to create an individual language of expression. He sews on the machine,
he learned this to create a series of „Observations”. He deal with it
elements of urban space, old advertisements and neon signs, forgotten
alleys as well as backyards where time has stopped. His attention is also
paid to industrial, secession
and modernist architecture. In his works, he synthesises a space in which
the elements that are economical in their form become geometry
of the city. Photographical and graphical collages, that he creates, become
fragments of his own imaginary place. The industrial space, which
he shows us around through his graphics.


2005 - 2010 Studies at the Institute of Art, University of Opole defense completed a master's degree.

2014-2016 Postgraduate studies on Higher School of Banking in Digital Advertising with elements of printing

winner of the ZPAP Award at the Autumn Salon 2013



Display, you can see in the Gallery, first floor is my first individual exhibition, it is not completely consistent. It represents a cross section of my creativity. These works I've created in my free time from work, very often at home, hence the title of this exhibition. Things that I create are legal fact, which fragments placed on a colored background become subjective look at the surroundings. Very often the inspiration for creating become for me people I meet in my life, their attitudes, behavior. He also shall submit to such observations. Their results, I put in the form of drawings on paper, creating stickers. Recently I got the idea to go a little further. I've always wanted to learn to sew on the machine. And so was born the idea that these drawings to replace spatial forms and created Bears that you can see today. Work a little earlier these are my trips into the world of the mysterious characters and creatures, the world existing parallel to ours. The world thinks ordered on a piece of paper.


The exhibition is a presentation of memories from the places I have been to, but really there are no places. This is an attempt to synthesize the urban space that surrounds us. Thanks to industrial elements detached from their original context, I am constructing planes of anxiety. Feeling of fear comes from the degradation resulting from our forgetfulness. Forgetting about urban alleys, old courtyards, or street elements that often come from another era. Often we pass each other without notice, but for me they become an inspiration. Giving them mutual relations, by compiling them together, and rejecting their original surroundings, builds a new way of reading them. The tight filling of the space with urban forms is meant to refer to the tendency of horror vacui present in many cultures. These images also contain silhouettes of objects and forms that resemble a post apocalyptic vision. The exhibition will also see the series "City Geometry", which is a sketch to the project "Places I was in when they were not yet". In addition, for a small amount of money you will be able to purchase print with "Geometry of the city" or the cadre of "Places I was" :)


2018/ Paint it Black/ Gallery first floor ZPAP
2017 / „PLACES, WHERE I WAS, WHEN THEY WERE NOT YET” / individual exhibition / Gallery first floor ZPAP
2017 / „FOREST SEASON” / collective exhibition / Gallery Place X
2017 / „BADROOM / LA CHAMBRE” / exhibition collective cz1 / Galeria Zamostek
2017 / „BADROOM / LA CHAMBRE” / collective exhibition cz2 / Gallery Place X
2017 / „LES COPAINS D ‚ABORD” / group exhibition / ECO Sacquanai Gallery, Burgundy
2016 / „SITO 2” OBSERVATORY. SINCE AND ART/ collective exhibition / Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole
2015 / „LOVEROVE” / wystawa indywidualna / Čajovna Namaste / Svitavy
2015 / „VIEW POINTS” / individual exhibition / City Museum / Svitavy
2015 / „HOMEWORK” / individual exhibition / Gallery first floor ZPAP
2015 / „NIC NOC ZŁOTY” / collective exhibition / ECO Sacquanai Gallery, Burgundy
2015 / „MR. TAILOR SCREEN PRINTING AND SEWING” / individual exhibition / O.K. Niemodlin
from 2011 participation in the annual reviews of the play „Salon Jesienny” / Distinction of the Association of Polish Artists in 2013.