Marianic Parra

Marianic Parra

Marmande, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

About Marianic Parra

I follow the footsteps of painters who were interested at the end of the 19th century by discovering secrets of living light, namely by laying it on canvas. Referring to the Impressionists, I speak specifically of pointillists and visionnists.
Light is not painted anymore; it is no longer an illusion of light. It is light created. Optically, when Seurat paint a touch of green, he put a touch of blue next to a touch of yellow, and optically at a few meters from the viewer's eye it created green. This green reconstructed by the eye is a brighter green than the green painted, greener than the green obtained by mixing painting. These artists were qualified scientists who relied on Chevreuil techniques; they used all the theories of simultaneous contrasts, etc. They succeeded, for the first time in art history, to optically create Light. It is no more light illusion, but a real light.

It is the beginning of a great adventure which continued by artists of Optical art, and others like Dan Flavin, Soto, etc.

But this living light remained fixed, static, it was not moving; it was posed on canvas.
Dan Flavin, for example, gives us a great chance to look at the light. We are not used to watching light; light fills up space. With this type of artist, audience looks at light through installations.

In my work (tableaux are not lit from the back) which associates natural materials (volcanic sand or coal) in their original state and contemporary materials such as plexiglass, the viewer has the privilege of seeing a living and moving light. Tableaux react permanently with the variations of the sun, with variations of natural or artificial light. The work changes with the light that it is exposed to and in the setting in which it is placed.

Thus, there is a completely new contribution in this large family of artists who were interested in light. It is a contemporary vision by, of course, use of contemporary materials, and by the eye capturing moving light. It is a new approach.


Next exhibitions :

Artspace Gallery - Las Vegas (USA) Nov 17, 2017 - January 27, 2018
Verde Art Gallery at Clarkdale - AZ (USA) Jan 16 - Feb 4, 2018
Prescott Art Gallery at Prescott - AZ (USA) Sept 27 - Oct 22, 2018

Exhibitions :

2017 : Art Revolution – Tapei (Taiwan)
2017 : Clio Art Fair - New York City (USA)
2016 : Rotterdam International Art Fair
2016 : "Womens Works 2016 29th Annual Fine Arts Show" at the Old Court House Arts Center in Woodstock, IL (USA)
2016: Group show at ARC's Gallery's "A touch of the Blues" Chicago (USA)
2015: “Soltice » The Haggus Society Los Angeles (USA)
2015: “Connection-Connexion » Living Arts Centre Gallery Mississauga, ON (Canada)
2015: NCA's 60th International Open Exhibit "Bold Expressions 2015" Sacramento Fine Arts Center, CA (USA)
2015 : Cincinnati Art Club's ViewPoint 47 Cincinnati, OH (USA)
2015 : PSC Absolutely abstract show – The Sketch Club Philadelphia (USA)
2015 : Group Show at Mémoire de l’Avenir “Open for inventory” Paris (France)
2015 : Group show at ARC's Gallery's "The Base line : an exhibition on drawing" Chicago (USA)
2015: European Museum of Modern Art – Barcelona 1rst Biennal (Spain)
2015: London Art Biennale (UK)
2011- 2014 : “I have the Right” Picture Cultural Art University of California (USA
2012 : “Strange Glue No. 1” Thompson Gallery Weston, MA (USA)
2012 : Solo show at North Charleston Arts Festival at North Charleston City Hall (USA
2011: 6th Annual Human Rights Arts Exhibit at the Cooper Center on the South Texas College Pecan Campus (USA)
2010 : Exhibition “Fleeting permanence” at the Larson art Gallery – University of Saint-Paul Minnesota (USA)
2010 : Solo show at Exhibition at M & R in Paris (France)
2010: Revolution Art Fair in Taipei (Taiwan)
2010 : X-Power Gallery in Taipei (Taiwan)
2010: Jaffa-Museum in Tel -Aviv (Israel)
2010 : Nanthan D. Rosen Museum Gallery at Boca Raton (USA)
2009 : Solo show 188th fusion - Exhibition « Calme sous le sable noir de la terre » - Galeriazero in Barcelona (Spain)
2009 : Biennale of Chianciano 2009 in Chianciano(Italia)
2009 : Group exhibition "La tempête" 2009 – Gallery Théâtre Universitaire in Nantes (France)
2008 : 85th fusion - Exhibition « Yeux sans cesse détournés de l’œuvre » – Gallery Marion Zimmermann in Hambourg (Germany)
2007 : 32nd Fusion : Exhibition « Au bout de la nuit immense renait toujours la lumière » - Gallery Château de la Flocellière in La Flocellière (France)
2006 : 83rd Fusion - Exhibition « de mes lèvres sorties / les mots reculent » - Gallery Société des Poètes Français. Paris (France)
2006 : 82th Fusion - Exhibition « avec les mots / retracer le monde » Sphinx Theatre. Nantes (France)
2006 : 80th Fusion - Exhibition « Sur les pas du monde » - Gallery Le Prieuré in St. Philibert de Grandlieu (France)
2006: 81rst Fusion - Exhibition “Les Grandes Veilles” - Gallery ARTLIFE for the World in Venice (Italia)
2006 : 31rst Fusion - Exhibition « L’homme à la tête penchée » - Gallery Temple du Goût in Nantes (France)
2006 : Salon Art en Capital Grand Palais in Paris (France)
2006 : Salon international art contemporain MIAC – Puls’Art in Le Mans (France)
2005 : Salon national des Beaux-Arts Le Louvre in Paris (France)
2005 : Salon des Artistes Français in Paris (France)
2005 : 59ème salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris (France)
2005 : Salon des Indépendants in Paris (France)
2005: 67th Fusion - Exhibition « Antigone » - Galllery Château Ardelay in Les Herbiers (France)
2005 : 42nd Fusion - Exhibition « Prisonnier des chaînes du destin » - Gallery Atria in Nîmes (France)
2005 : 56th Fusion - Exhibition « Terminé les moments d’obscurité où il n’y a personne » Connoisseur’s Gallerry in Paris (France)


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