Mahi Chafik-Idrissi

Mahi Chafik-Idrissi

Marrakech, Haouz Tensift, Morocco

About Mahi Chafik-Idrissi


"My painting is an invitation to meditation. The pictorial sign marked me at a young age. Having fundamental concerns of Tradition-Modernity, I developed a particular plastic expression associating the spirituality and the rigor of the Eastern calligraphy with the chance and the subjectivity of the Western gestuality.
The soft and warm tones are generated by the superposition of transparent layers, which one depth and gives the artwork an extra dimension.
Signs painted or engraved in the material are a plastic language inherited from the Moroccan cultural heritage which is part of the Universal Art.’’


Studied at the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca until 1975, painting, drawing, ceramics, art history and aesthetics.
Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège from 1975 to 1978, monumental painting, drawing, history of art, semiology and photography.


Collective exhibition entitled: "Parcours" at Polart Gallery. Marrakech from February 20 to April 13, 2021.


Group exhibitions
2018 : Polart, exhibition of the group 'Pôle International des Arts Plastiques' in Dar Cherifa, Marrakech.
2015 : 50 years of painting in Morocco. Museum of the palmerais. Marrakesh.
2015 : Festival of calligraphy at the Mediathèque of Longwy, France.
2015: 50 years of painting in Morocco. Media library of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. See photos of the vernissage
2015: 3rd National Contemporary Art Exhibition, Marrakech.
2013 : 2nd contemporary art fair. Casablanca. (Press release)
2013 : Tutto Un-Museo Su Una-Parete, (All A-Museum-On A Wall) Vista galery, Rome. Italy.
2012 : Ambientart III, "The Mediterranean, a sea that unites sea that divides " Gaeta, Italy. (Press release)
2010 : NOIR SUR BLANC gallery , Marrakech.
2009 : PALM PLAZA Hotel, Marrakech.
2008 : Fan-Dok gallery, Rabat. Maroc.
2007 : Atlas Medina and Spa Hotel , Marrakech.
2007 : Al Maqam cultural space. Marrakech.
2007 : Exhibitions for the benefit of social work associations.
2007 : Exhibitions for the benefit of the association Cœur-optimiste,
2005 : International Contemporary Art Festival, Palais Bahia, Marrakech.
2004 : Artists of Marrakech. Les Atlassides gallery, Marrakech.
2004 :"Artists of Maghreb". L'Aubépin, France.
2004 :10th show of the Mediterranean, La Grande Motte, France.
2004 : "7+1 Dessins". Skaya Gallery, Marrakech.
2004 : Outdoor exhibition to Arset El Bilk garden, Marrakech.
2004 : Miniatures. Skaya Gallery, Marrakech.
2003 : Œuvres intimes. Skaya Gallery, Marrakech.
1995 : Plasticiens du Maroc, congress, Marrakech.
1994 : Cultural center, Marrakech.
1990 : Atlas hotel , Marrakech.
1989 : N'fis hotel , Marrakech.
1977 : Art Wallon Museum , Liège, Belgique.
1976 : Home students, Liège, Belgium.
1976 : Saint-Hubert, Belgique.
1975 : American Language Center, Rabat.
1974 : American Language Center, Casablanca.
1973 : Al Manzeh gallery , Les Almoravides hotel , Marrakech.
Solo exhibitions

2006 : Moroccan French days, mayor of Tours. France.
2003 : Quadrature du cercle, Marrakech.
2002 : 20 years of painting. Galerie Bleue, Marrakech.
1981 : Street market. Hasselt, Belgique.
1973 : Youth center, Arset El Hamed, Marrakech.

2018 : L'Arbre Enchanté, Installation. Palais Bahia, Marrakech.