Woori Bai

Woori Bai

Changwon, Gyeongnam, South Korea

About Woori Bai

Bai woori has always been interested in the emotions expressed by people, and she wants to talk coolly in her own way.
She currently lives in Gyeongnam, drawing and painting, and has been active in various exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Gyeongnam, Busan, and Seoul.


2012 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts, Silla University, Busan, korea


Solo Exhibition
2018 ‘a broken room’, changwon
2016 ‘monologue', Masan
2015 ’Emotions', Seoul
2013 SPACE UM Invitation Exhibition 'a little slow adults', Busan
2013 Gallery MARE Invitation Exhibition, Busan
2012 Busan Artist Project 'dialogue', Busan

Group exhibition
2018 ’50-50’, Masan
2017 "6Hz: Tranquil Sound" Gyeongnam Art Creation Center 10th Artist of resident Result exhibition, Jinju
2016 The Third Story- Heroes of anarcy; Remember, Masan
2016 SPECIAL 1326, ’50-50’, Masan
2015 ‘EYES' Gallery Bluestone, 7 people exhibition, Seoul
2015 ‘Bluestone : 9 Special exhibition ', Seoul
2015 The second Story- Heroes of anarcy, Masan
2015 KNB Gallery Young Artist Support Exhibition, Masan
2014 The first Story- Heroes of anarcy, Masan
2013 Gallery UM Exhibition , Busan
2012 Art Gallery U Invitation Exhibition 'GET SET GO', Busan
2011 ASYAAF 'Art comes into my life', Seoul
2011 'Our Fantastic debut' Busan
2010 ASYAAF ‘Looking the Blue Sky' Seoul