Shandor Alexander

Shandor Alexander

Vinogradov, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

About Shandor Alexander

Alexander Shandor was born in 1981 in the Transcarpathian city of Vinohradiv in Western Ukraine.
Alexander participated in numerous Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein air sessions. His works are in private collections, galleries of Ukraine and abroad.

Alexander was awarded membership in the Creative People's Association "Verkhovyna Artist" in 2007 and joined the Youth Union "Transcarpathian Artists” in 2012. Throughout his career, Alexander supported charitable exhibitions (Uzhhorod, 2011 and 2015) and causes by donating his art for children with special needs (Kyiv 2014 and 2016).


He studied at the Erdeli College of Arts in Uzhhorod, at the department of metal processing in the studio and under the mentorship of professors Petretsky, Lukac, and Mykhailyuk.


Plein air art exhibitions:
2012 - national plein air post-session exhibition "Rhapsody of sea and mountains" the Drama Theatre, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
2013 - Gallery "South Hermitage", Sevastopol, Ukraine
2014 - Gallery "Mahіm", Slavsko, Ukraine
2015 - "Roads Bokshay", City Art Gallery, Rachel, Ukraine

Group exhibitions:
2012 - young artists exhibition, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
2012 - Ukrainian exhibition "Christmas", Kyiv, Uraine
2013 - exhibition "Hutsul’s Year", regional exhibition hall of the National Union of Artists, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
2014 - exhibition "International Women’s Day", City Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine
2014 - "Verkhovyna (Highlander) Artist" at the Gallery "Impasto", Vinohradiv, Ukraine
2014 - Uzhhorod regional exhibition, Ukraine
2015 - "Mitets Verkhovyna"At the City Art Gallery dedicated to the 50th anniversary, Hust, Ukraine
2015 - Day of Creative Arts exhibition, Gallery "Ilko", Uzhhorod, Ukraine
2015 - Uzhhorod regional exhibition, Ukraine
2016 - Christmas exhibition, City Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine
2016 - exhibition "Spring", City Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine


Personal exhibitions:
2011 - Hust Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine
2014 - Gallery "Art Summer", Moscow, Russia
2015 - exhibition "My Carpathians", Kyiv Law University NAS PMC, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 - exhibition "Symphony of the Carpathians" Gallery "Palmgren Madame", L’viv, Ukraine
2017 – exhibition "Carpathian Paths" Gallery "Zavalny ARTTsenter, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 summer - Personal exhibition "Polesie and Transcarpathia" - city of Zhytomyr, gallery "Gnatyuk Art Center"
2019 winter - exhibition "In search of" Vinogradov Impasto Gallery
2020 winter - personal exhibition in Carpathian Homeland Gallery, Budapest, Hungary