Dian Petrov

Dian Petrov

Veliko Turnovo, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

About Dian Petrov

Hello, my name is Dian Petrov . I was born on 11 December 1984 in Strahilovo, a small village north from Veliko Turnovo.
Now I’m living in Veliko Turnovo , Bulgaria.
I work mainly in the sphere of the art of painting, characterized by my own style of painting. I define myself as an analyser, voyeur of every single landscape, occurrence or idea. There is always a part of something extraordinary and mysterious in my paintings. My canvases create a new feeling of space, direction and colour ; of exterior, escalators, faces, people and landscapes. The composition and the vivid colours show the spectator's imagination a different direction. I get inspired with the constant and chaotic movement of the people, with the perpetual rambling and haste to some abandoned buildings and strange places. It is interesting to see all kinds of people, wearing strange clothes and coming from all over the world. The social theme is not unfamiliar to me .My original style is influenced by the folklore traditions and by the iconography. The purpose of my works of art is to make the viewer think - What can be seen ? - the difference or the identity with reality! This is why I depict a painting within a painting. One painting should not be just a decoration, although this is one of its basic purposes. It should create a certain atmosphere and arouse your imagination.


In 2003 I finished my education at secondary special art school in Tryavna with a degree in Art carving and iconography.
In 2005, I finished computer animation in a private College of Fine Arts, my mentor was Donyo Donev.
In 2010 I graduated Pedagogy of graphic Art at The Faculty of Arts of St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo.


2002 - solo exhibition in tryavna, painting
2003 - Sofia City Art Exhibition - portrait Artists of the Bulgarian Theatre , 3 place
2004- international Exhibition of students Fine Arts in Florence, italy – portrait in a large range of colors, 3 place
2010- abstract landscape in lion , France
2012- Athens Exhibition iconostasis, 1 place
2014-Sofia Reinbol Exhibition "Painting , spontaneous realism
2014- Plovdiv Novotel Exhibition, painting
2015- solo exhibition in Veliko Tarnovo