Simón Vázquez

Simón Vázquez

Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

About Simón Vázquez

Simon Vázquez (Barcelona, 1979) His career began in the animation sector, but he eventually was lured into the World of plastic Arts of which he studied with determination at the “La Llotja”in Barcelona. After devoted much of his time to illustration, he began mastering painting and sculpture. These works have been exhibited in top galleries for years in Spain and many other Countries.

Viscous bodies made with jelly like appearences, overflowing in voluptuous Fellinian forms, with dangling boneless limbs. These are the grotesque beings created by Simon Vazquez. Monstrosities that reveal political lies, carnal lust, greed and media carnage.

Funny signs to the latest Hollywood success and illusion to the multiple scandals revealed by the news intertwined with lysergic mood in his visual gags. In his esthetic, it is mixed with poster art, the most visceral comic fonts that display witticism and other puns. Threatening shadows imported by gothic novels and expressionistic cinema.

In his eclectic routine and without concession to “good taste” resonates the transgressive spirit of underground comics of the sixties. He quotes Robert Crumb as one of his referents, of whom the artist places him at the same radius than Manolo Valdés and Alberto Giacometti. The irony of the first and the second existential angst are exacerbated respectively in the grotesque vaudeville scenes of our artist and in his expressionist bronze heads, which wizened aspect, seem to be caricatures of funeral portraits.


2019 Colective Exhibition “Brassworks Gallery” Portland, Oregon
2019 Painted room for Hotel 128, Street Art City, Lyon, France
2018 Street art comission. “El bosc ecantat” Project
2018 Collective art exhibition “Del Mur al llenç”, Barcelona
2018 Participation in "Ktlab Street Art project2 in Kensinghton, Philadelphia with different murals
2018 Large format mural intervention. "the closing of hell", tribute to Simone de Beauvoir. Collaboration with Sebastien Waknine and Juanjo Surace
2018 Exhibition of bronze sculptures and painting in the art gallery “Bien Cuadrado”
2017 Work auctioned with Setdart throughout the year
2017 Collaboration with the association "La casa amrilla" for the realization of several murals in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, Barcelona
2017 Life painting in “Can Vías centro social” for women´s day
2016 Big Wall with Rebobinart in Selva de Mar, Barcelona
2016 Expo “Forest Nightmare” Anden Gallery Barcelona
2016 Life painting in “adiccted to life” festival, Barcelona
2015 Big Wall For Murs Plastics, Manresa
2015 Wall mural for Tabacalera, Madrid
2015 Wall painting for “Germaetes centre social” with Rebobinart, Baecelona
2015 “El drac de glories” Project with other artista & Rebobinart, Barcelona
2015 Shop-Gallery Siempre Yo, Sculpture, collective exhibition. Barcelona
2015 Various events of live paintig with Gigolove & Collavoration station
2015 Big Wall with Rebobinart in Rambla Guipuzcoa, Barcelona
2014 Life Painting & oil expo event With Gigolove, Barcelona
2014 Life Painting & oil expo with Collaboration station, gleria de arte MUG
2014 Gallery “Siempre Yo”, Oil, painting, collective Barcelona
2014 Work auctioned with Setdart throughout the year
2013 MarbArt 2013 Oil Paintings. 14-18 August. Marbella.
2013 Galería ARAGÓN 232. collective, oil paintings. 11-21 June, Barcelona
2013 Artbosphorus Modern Art Fair. Oil paintings. April. Istanbul
2013 Affordable Art Fair Milan, oil paintings. March. Milan
2012 Galería Ayc, La Margarita. collective, oil paintings. December, Barcelona
2012 Galería ARAGÓN 232 (collective, oil paintings, sculptures) 13 – 19 september, Barcelona
2012 Galería Javier Román. oil paintings, sculptures. 15 June – 31 July. Málaga.
2012 Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre 9-10 June, Paris, France
2012 WILLY BENDER event, life wall painting Heidelberg, Germany. May 2012
2012 Art Shanghai May 2012
2012 THE NATIONAL ART CENTER TOKYO 22 – 26 March. Tokio.
2011 Art Nou Mil Lenni (collective). Oil Paintings. November. Barcelona
2011 MarbArt 2011. Oil Paintings. 14-18 September. Marbella.
2011 PROPONENDO 2011. Oil Paintings. 19-22 August. Forte Dei Marmi (Italy).
2011 Collective. Oil Paintings. Galería Javier Román. February-March.
2011 Art-Insbruck 2011. Oil Paintings. 3 to 6 February. Insbruck.
2010 Marrong Epoch. Oil Paintings. Exhibition. Gracia Arts Projectart Gallery. Barcelona.
2009 Simón Vázquez Illustrations. Exhibition. Gogokoart Gallery. Barcelona.
2008 Simón Vázquez Illustrations. Exhibition. El Local art Gallery. Barcelona.
2008 Simón Vázquez Illustrations. Bar Copa Café. Barcelona