Max Hancock

Max Hancock

Washington DC, United States

About Max Hancock

I was born and grew up in Knoxville Tennessee, in a contemporary log home with views of the Smoky Mountains. I spent my teen years in Sterling Virginia where I lived a typical suburban life, but my parents, who were also art minded, encouraged my creative aptitude. In my early career, I moved to Singapore where I started a design company, and where I started to take my artistic abilities seriously, and I began networking with like-minded artists. These days I'm contemplating more about the many experiences I've had in the past and present, and in subtle ways, it is influencing the type of artwork I produce today.

Originally my art was more about formulaic studies and subjects of deconstructed objects. I'm currently exploring a different type of artistic expression using a 3D modeling and painting technique and dealing with more personal subject matters, bordering on references to religion, nature, politics, and the future.


I have a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, where I studied electronic media, video/film, graphic design, and illustration.